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  1. alastairblake

    Choosing heritage/landrace barley and wheat for lambic style beer

    Hey HomebrewTalk, A farmer friend has agreed to sow some old landrace / heritage barley and wheat for me to brew with. I am seeking help to identify the best varieties to plant. These grains are being targeted for use in brewing true-to-form Lambic and Gueuze beer. I plan on using the...
  2. alastairblake

    Pennsylvania hops: sidearms??? 5/23/18

    I have a Zeus, Chinook and Cascade hop plant and they appear to be very happy... What I am curious about is if I am seeing 'sidearms' or additional 'bines' sprouting out of the sides. last year they wanted to keep climbing for the most part. How would you all recommend trimming these up etc?
  3. alastairblake

    Opinions please! 3yr hops, 10' tall!

    Looking for thoughts here... I have three different hop plants. All hitting 10' or taller right now. Zeus has some side arms started. This is earlier than last year I think. Some people are saying that early bines should be hacked down. I didnt.... I just trimmed to 2 to 3 per crown. Are...