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  1. gugguson

    Any online university beer school

    Hello. A friend of mine is looking to get a online degree in brewing or brewing marketing, which is more substantial than few weeks. Is there any institute which offers this study online which also has a official diploma which the industry accepts after the course/degree finishes? Johann
  2. gugguson

    Looking for Rochefort 6 clone recipe

    Hello. I recently took a trip to Belgium and enjoyed the Rochefort 6 dubbel. It is very tasty with creamy head and very drinkable. I have searched the internet for a clone recipe but have only found clones of 8 and 10. Does anybody have a clone recipe or something that yields identical...
  3. gugguson

    Evening and one morning in Bruges - advice needed

    Hello. I will be travelling to belgium later this week, with 4 friends of mine, and on saturday we will arrive at Bruges at 6 o'clock evening (18:00) and leave the next day at around 2 (14:00). What we want to do when arriving is to eat at some good (beer related place), watch the football...
  4. gugguson

    Inner closed pot/mesh volume for biab

    Hello guys. I have a 72L/19gallon pot which I use for biab. It has a 5500W element at the bottom. I'm planning on having a pot on the inside with stainless mesh at the top and bottom with circulation pushing the wort from the bottom and the overflow on the top (and somewhat at the bottom)...
  5. gugguson

    Help with my schedule on lagering and bottling

    Hello guys. I brewed a lager few weeks back (for my mom who is not as keen as I on extreme beers). Three days ago the beer had been fermenting for about 3 weeks and was down to 1.006 in gravity (from 1.041). It had been fermenting at 10C/50F for that time so I let it go up to 16C/60F for...
  6. gugguson

    Fitting temperature probe into bigger Tee fitting

    Hello. I bought a temperature probe from electricbrewery: I also bought a stainless Tee from morebeer and my intention was to plug the probe into it. After I received both I saw that the probe is longer than fits into the Tee...
  7. gugguson

    Size of Greenlee knockout punch for 1/2" barb

    Hello. I need to drill a hole on my stainless lid on my pot for circulation. I need to let the hole fit for something like this: My understanding is that the hole needs to be 1/2" so I'm wondering if this...
  8. gugguson

    No head on beer bottled with Champain corks

    Hello. This spring I made a large batch of dubbel from BCS. I bottled half of the batch in regular bottles and the other half in heavy belgian bottles (La trappe bottles) with belgian corks I got from Morebeer. I rented a heavy corker and the corks were definately not too small. Now when...
  9. gugguson

    Optimal temp to age belgian bottles for few months

    Hi guys. I made a batch of belgian dark strong ale from BCS about 4 weeks ago and how now bottled them. I'm considering storing half of them until christmas 2013 so it will age and be silky smooth. Should I age the bottles and room temperature or try to move it to colder after it has been...
  10. gugguson

    Way to high mash heat - stuck fermentation at 1.042

    Hello. I brewed a christmas ale 10 days ago and there hasn't been any yeast activity for a few days now. I made a mistake in the mash - was going to mash at 67C (152F) but for some reason (I had many new people brewing with me so I wasn't thinking enough about the mash) so the heat was...
  11. gugguson

    Dubbel, extremely low FG - dme for bottling?

    Hello. I recently brewed dubbel from BCS with expected FG of 1.012. Before bottling the FG is 1.006 (I'm using FG hydrometer: My guess my BIAB mash circulation isn't as good as I thought and I'm mashing at too low...
  12. gugguson

    BCS dubbel - carbonation volumes (confused about how much to carbonate)

    Hello. I brewed Dubbel from Brewing classic styles 3 weeks ago and I'm going to bottle tomorrow. Looking at the guidelines for Dubbels the recommended carbonation volumes is 2.3 - 2.9 vols in Beersmith. Looking at other calculators, the recommended volume for dubbels is usually 1.9 - 2.4...
  13. gugguson

    Weyerman replacement for Belgian Pale and Belgian Pislner (Westvleteren 12)

    Hello. I'm going to take a shot at this recipe with Biab method: I only have access to Weyerman malts, so what would be a good replacement for Belgian Pale and Belgian Pilsner? Would Abbay Malt be...
  14. gugguson

    Question about lag time from pitching from slurry

    Hello guys. I have been looking through the forums for answer to my question but without clear answer. I brewed a pale ale last monday and my OG was 1.046. I had washed California Ale yeast which I washed two weeks prior from American IPA which had quite higher OG, 1.069. It was my...
  15. gugguson

    Opinions on recipe for a wedding beer

    Hello. I'm planning on this recipe for a wedding beer. What do you guys think? I want it to have a big head and be clear and easy drinkable by people who want very light beers. The wedding is in 5 weeks time so I don't have time to lager. p.s. I can only get Wayermann malts.
  16. gugguson

    Help with yeast starter calculation

    Hello. I just made a yeast starter for a 5 gallon brew on saturday or sunday. I had Wyeast Bohemian Lager with the date of 10. of november 2011. Online calculators state that viability is 10% and I decided to try out stepped starter. I have one 2L and one 1L flasks and a stir starter. I...
  17. gugguson

    Auber SYL-2352 turnes off and on regularly in manual mode

    Hello. I have Auber SYL-2352 which I use in manual mode when boiling with my 5500W element. I turn it down to 70% but it seems that the controller is working like in binary mode, turning the element on for 30 seconds and off for 10 seconds and then back on again. I would think the behavior...
  18. gugguson

    BeerSmith 2.0: Using different batch sizes with the same profile

    Hello. I'm using biab with 72l pot. I have different vessels sizes for fermentation 2x23L, 2x25L and 2x30L. I have setup my profile to be ok for 21L batches but sometimes I want to make a bigger batches with the same equipment. What I initially did was create the recipe with default...
  19. gugguson

    Viability of yeast that has taken 10 days in mail

    Hello. My only source of liquid yeast is by mail to Iceland. It takes about 10 days and although I add ice packs it is warm when I receive it. Question is, when I'm creating yeast starter with stirplate should I use another viability of the yeast because of how it has been handled? (I'm...
  20. gugguson

    Leffe Brune (brown) recipe request

    Hello. I have been looking online for a recipe for one of my favorite beers, Leffe Brune. Does anybody have a recipe? Johann