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  1. Tony

    Alternative Grain Beer Dark Lane Hoppin Rye Stout

    10 lbs. American 2-row 4 lbs. Chocolate Rye Malt .75 lbs. Crystal Malt 60°L .25 lbs. American Black Patent 1 lbs. Rye Flaked 1 lbs. Oats Flaked 1 oz. Columbus (Whole, 15.00 %AA) boiled 60 min. 1 oz. Centennial (Whole, 10.00 %AA) boiled 30 min. 1 oz. Columbus (Whole, 15.00 %AA) boiled 1...
  2. Tony

    Favorite bittering Hops for IPA's

    What are your most favorite bittering hops for use in an IPA or IIPA? (Multiple choice)
  3. Tony

    Magic Hat

    How many people are into the Magic Hat brewery selctions? I love their H.I.P.A seasonal, and their #9 most of all. Your thoughts?
  4. Tony

    Harvestable Bottle Yeast

    For all you yeast harvesters, which beers on the market have viable yeast inside their bottles, which can be harvested and used?
  5. Tony


    Okay...why the heck is it that most breweries bottle their beers in 12oz bottle, when an actual pint is 16oz? All my barware is 16oz or larger, so why the heck wont these brewers pony up another 4oz and sell larger bottles? I mean pints are perfect sizes, so what the heck? Yeah, I know, we...
  6. Tony

    Splitting and saving yeast

    I had posted this at the tail end of another thread, but want to give it a little daylight of its own... I still have 4 packs of Pac-Man left. Ive re-used yeast cakes many times, but do not want to merely rack onto the yeast cakes over and over. I want it cleaner and fresher. Has anyone just...
  7. Tony

    Windows Vista

    Anyone here install the new Windows Vista OS? What are your thoughts?
  8. Tony


    Hey, whatever happened to Janx?
  9. Tony

    Magic Hat #9

    Anyone else love this beer? What makes this beer taste like it does? Magic Hat lists it as being "brewed clandestinely" and doesnt talk about what gives it its unique taste. Listed is: Pale malt, Crystal Malt, with Tettnang and Warrior hops, and English Ale yeast. Anyone have any input...
  10. Tony

    Flying Dog Yeast from Wyeast.

    Has anyone used the Flying Dog Yeast strain that Wyeast has made available? What are your impressions of it?
  11. Tony

    Text Bending

    Okay, I used to have a simple document program that allowed for curving and bending text on my old computer. I cant for the life of me find another simple word program that bends text. What are you guys using?
  12. Tony

    Piraat IPA Recipe

    Does anyone have a recipe for Piraat IPA? I love that stuff!
  13. Tony

    New Mash Tun

    Well, I was getting tired of being restricted on my mash volumes with my 5 gallon Rubbermaid set up, and dont have the room (indoor brewer) to build my scupture I designed, so I decided to change my mash tun. So, I picked up an Igloo Ice Cube 48 quart cooler from Sears online for $24.99. (Yeah...
  14. Tony

    Band Aid Taste / Yeast

    There has been much debate over the "Band-Aid" odor/flavor in many infected batches from a great many people. And so far I have had to dump one last summer because of that exact problem. It was said that this problem comes from bacterial contamination, or from not rinsing your equipment...
  15. Tony

    New Faucets Installed!

    I just received my order from Austin Homebrew for 2 Perlick S/S faucets, and immediately disassembled them, sanitized them and installed them. I adjusted my pressures for the narrower nozzles, and I am chillin like a villian with forward sealing faucets that work like a dream. I had read the...
  16. Tony

    Yeast & Light

    Okay, what are the issues with yeast, as in a starter, and the effect light has on it. Ive tried to find any info on whether light damages yeast or helps it propagate.
  17. Tony

    Harpoon IPA

    I was in buying a few singles to scope out some new brews, and bought a few different APA's and IPA's. One was Harpoon's IPA. How does everyone rate this one?
  18. Tony

    Forum Tools and Search This Forum

    I dont know if anyone else is having this problem, but the drop down under both "Forum Tools" and "Search This Forum" are not working for me at all. I was at work earlier and it wasnt working there either. Anyone else?
  19. Tony


    Okay, I just used my new Shirron wort chiller tonight on my Hop Rod Rye and MAN is this a great chiller. Straight off the flame out, and into the chiller, and I cant believe how cool the wort came out. Talk about a time save and a quick chill. My immersion chiller is out of business for good...
  20. Tony

    Rye Stout

    I had a friend over and gave him some of my Hop Rod Rye. He ranted and raved over it, saying it was one of the best beers he ever had. He said it had a nice fruity aroma and taste (Thanks to Wyeast's 1272) and spicy Rye flavor. But, he likened it to a stout, and said he would take mine over...