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  1. bsay

    Stylesheet not loading on iPod touch.

    For some reason, the forum does not load the stylesheet when I am on my mobile device. I am using an iPod touch. Any thoughts?
  2. bsay

    Stabilizing without Potassium Sorbate

    Is there anything other than Potassium Sorbate I can add to stabilize a wine? I am looking at getting into some wine making, but my wife gets terrible headaches when she eats/drinks anything with Potassium Sorbate in it. Thoughts?
  3. bsay

    Flanagan's Irish Pub - Spearfish, SD

    I was back in the Black Hills visiting a friend and mentioned that I would like to go some place and have a beer. Someplace that has a decent atmosphere, and Guinness on tap. So we headed to Flanagan's where we found an authentic Irish pub atmosphere. The owner was even playing live music. I...
  4. bsay

    Cheapest brew that comes in re-usable bottles

    What is the cheapest brew you have found that comes in good, re-usable bottles?
  5. bsay

    If you could only use one type of hops for all of your brews...

    Which one would it be? I'm doing a survey on hop usage. Please list the following: (1) The type of hops you would use if you could only use one type for all of your brews. (2) Why did you choose this hop? (3) What limitations would this one hop type put on some of your brews? (4)...
  6. bsay

    Black Dragon Homebrewery Virtual Tour!

    Welcome to the Black Dragon Homebrewery virtual tour! We'll start at the Brew Closet where the fermentation happens! From Left to Right: Cream Ale - Primary Fermenter Hard Lemonade - 5 gal BB (the milk crate helps haul full BBs around) Empty Secondary Fermenter Above the fermenters in the...
  7. bsay

    Limited Budget, what should I get?

    I have a few options for some new equipment to get, but I am on a limited budget. I have priced out the options, and the finalists are listed below. But first, a little background information. I am in charge of providing homebrewed rootbeer for monthly meetings. I have a keg in my kegging...
  8. bsay

    Longhammer IPA

    So I wanted to try an IPA to see if I wanted to brew one, and I'm not so sure after trying Longhammer IPA. It just doesn't fit my tastes. Maybe I just prefer malty beer. What are your thoughts on Longhammer IPA?
  9. bsay

    Going partial there a cooler in my future? (and an AG bonus Q:)

    So I want to do a partial mash brew, it'll likely be an AHS kit. According to the AHS site, all I'll need is a reusable nylon grain bag (which I have) and longer steeping time. Would a cooler improve efficiency, or help in any way with partial mash brewing? Bonus Q: I eventually want to go...
  10. bsay

    Better Bottle - For _____ use only.

    Has anyone noticed this same thing: on the bottom of my better bottle, it has raised letters that say "For water use only" except the word water has been sanded off! This is an authentic Better Bottle, not some water bottle I picked up in the store.... WTH?
  11. bsay

    Turn off co2 tank between uses?

    Do you turn off your CO2 tank when not in use, or do you leave it on and just make sure you don't have any leaks?
  12. bsay

    I want to enter a Homebrew Contest....Eventually.

    What do I need to know to enter a homebrew contest? I figure brew time is time to start preparing brews to be "Contest Ready." Any advice you have would be great!
  13. bsay

    Haier 5.0 cu. ft., anyone with prior experience?

    I am looking at getting the Haier 5.0 cu. ft. freezer for a new keg cooling setup. Does anyone have any inside pictures or experience of how many kegs this freezer will hold without a collar? I will eventually build a collar, but not until I'm ready to install taps. i imagine it being similar...
  14. bsay

    Question about Ed's Apfelwein

    My soon to be mother-in-law LOVES wine about as much as I do beer. I believe she prefers dryer wines, though she sometimes goes for the fruitier varieties. That said, do you think she'd like Ed's Apfelwein? Can I bottle Ed's Apfelwein in a standard wine bottle? How wine-like is it? Gotta...
  15. bsay

    "Share the joy" forum

    personally, I would love to see a forum for sharing the joys in homebrewing. For example, I just tried a hydrometer sample from my Oktoberfest-style ale, and WOW, I hope the final thing tastes half that good! Unless there is a question tied to the post, there really isn't a forum for general...
  16. bsay

    Any way to become a paid member without paypal?

    For people, such as myself, who don't/can't use paypal, are there other options for becoming a paid member?
  17. bsay

    How's this sound for a kegging system? (semi-portable)

    I am looking into getting into kegging, but I don't have the space for a full blown setup, so I searched around the forums and thought of an idea... I want to use a paintball-like tank, similar to what EdWort and BierMuncher have done with their portable systems. I have a mini-fridge that I...
  18. bsay

    Oktoberfest Style Ale

    Recipe: Oktoberfest Style Ale TYPE: Extract Batch Size: 5.00 gal Estimated OG: 1.051 SG Estimated Color: 24.8 EBC Estimated IBU: 21.9 IBU Boil Time: 60 Minutes Ingredients: ------------ 6.6 lbs Amber Liquid Extract (24.6 EBC) 8.0 oz Caramunich Malt (110.3 EBC)...
  19. bsay

    Racked my first batch to secondary!

    And oh did that hydrometer sample taste ooooh soooo goooood! Throw some carbonation in there and I'd drink it everyday. That said, I'll leave it in secondary for a week or two and let it get even better. Yum! It's a stout BTW, tastes almost exactly like Erdinger Dunkel. Now I'm craving...
  20. bsay

    Harvest yeast from bottle-conditioned commercial brews?

    What are the chances that I could culture a good starter of yeast from the sediment of a Boulevard wheat (or any other brand, for that matter)? Would this yeast even be the actual Boulevard fermentation yeast, or some that they use during bottling just for conditioning? One of the books I have...