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  1. Brulian

    Airlock query.

    Hi all, This is a random question and im sure there are no negative consequences to what is happening but just out of curiosity can anyone explain to me why the liquid in my airlock is shifting to one side? Im assuming it has to do with the pressure in the fermentor. It is still bubbling...
  2. Brulian

    Brewing mishap. Thoughts?

    Hi all, So yesterday I attempted my 1st ever brew. Im using a beer brewing kit with hops and barley extract. In the instructions it says that a minimun size pot of 5L should be used(stainless steal), which I have (next time im going to buy a larger pot). I placed 3L of water to boil and then...
  3. Brulian

    Hello From South Africa.

    Hi all, Ive recently gotten into brewing, actually started my 1st brew ever yesterday. Im making an Ale and hopefully it will come out well and tasty. This platform has been helpful and interesting, answeing my own questions and curiosities so ive decided to join and become a member...