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  1. boomtown25

    ******* water question

    I live in Biloxi, MS and let's just say 90 degrees around here is pleasant. I recently asked some questions about saving money on ice when chilling my wort and got some great answers so I will move on to my next question: WATER. I use water straight from the tap. I have zero idea what is in...
  2. boomtown25

    Creative wort chiller ideas (trying to save on ice)

    I live in an apt. and when chilling, I run a hose from my kitchen sink to the balcony, where I have one copper chiller in an ice cooler with ice and water and it leads to another copper chiller submerged in the hot wort with a hose to dump the hot water from the chillers into my bathtub inside...
  3. boomtown25

    Time frame between collection of wort and boil

    I am in the middle of my mash today and have a feeling that I am going to be summonsed to something I can't miss and will get my brew day interrupted. Is there any concern if I collect my wort properly, put lid on boil pot and save boil for tomorrow???
  4. boomtown25

    Good hop to use in watermelon kettle sour

    I am thinking Belma or Heull or Saaz. Obviously I want low IBUs and do not want the hops to steal the show. Going to be a really light grain build but want to hit around 6% alcohol. Also, is maris otter a no go for sours or would that add some nice flavor without being too weird??
  5. boomtown25

    Salted Caramel Pretzel Beer?

    My girlfriend has wanted me to attempt a Salted Caramel flavored beer. Wondering if the crowd her could all get together and try to formulate something. As far as the grain bill, I was thinking something in the lines of biscuit and rye may provide a nice pretzel flavor to build on. Add some...
  6. boomtown25

    Cleaning Kegerator lines

    Is it acceptable to clean my kegerator lines, by simply pumping no rinse cleansing solution (Easy Clean) through the lines till the blow and the follow the same with Star San???
  7. boomtown25

    Considering tackling my first sour- have question about Lactic Acid

    I am planning on attempting a kettle sour in the near future using Omega Labs Pantarum blend yeast. All the info I have read said a good idea is to add lactic acid to your kettle to drop your PH down to around 4-4.5 before your lacto yeast is pitched. Everywhere I look, I only see powder form...
  8. boomtown25

    Lots of protein coagulation in primary- Any worries?

    I brewed a batch of beer last night and everything seemed to go well, if anything I could sight as an issue, my cool down process took longer than usual, but nothing out of the norm. I had used one whirlflock tablet at 15 minutes. I racked into primary and pitched at around 70 degrees...
  9. boomtown25

    Draining first runnings from mash tun

    I use a 50 qt Igloo cooler with a manifold and have never had a stuck sparge. i watched a video recently where the guy acted like it was imperative to pull your runnings as slow as possible even saying it could take an hour. Is this necessary if I am not getting a stuck sparge? There have...
  10. boomtown25

    Puzzling development (deals with oxidation/metallic taste)

    I have a had a peach blonde ale on tap in my kegerator for a couple weeks now. Started out good, and with a week or two on carbonation, I felt it improved. However, lately I have picked up some metallic taste. I know this is a common characteristic of oxidation but how can that be? Am I...
  11. boomtown25

    What is the purpose of a shorter boil?

    I watched a video on Youtube today and they were making a NEIPA and only did a 30 minute boil. I'm used to 60 and 90 minute boils. What is the purpose of the shorter boil?
  12. boomtown25

    Kegging/Cold crashing/Clearing Question

    I am cold crashing a keg right now and I am likely going to be adding gelatin to clear it overnight before I begin to carbonate it. But here is my question: If I cold crash and then clear with gelatin, isn't all of the particles which clear going to settle to the bottom near the dip tube and...
  13. boomtown25

    Kettle Souring and equipment

    I plan on doing a kettle sour with Pantarium lacto where I boil the mash for about 15 minutes, drop it to around 90 degrees, add lactic acid to bring PH down and then let sit at about 85 degrees until the ph drops to about 3.2. At that point, I plan to do a "normal" 60 minute boil with light...
  14. boomtown25

    Grapefruit IPA- To dry hop or not to dry hop????

    I have a stellar grapefruit IPA in the fermentor right now for about 15 days now. Not actually made with grapefruit, but with grapefruit flavor hops. (Cascade/Mandarina Bavaria) It looks like it is going to be great. But I have 2 oz of Amarillo hops in the freezer. I'm torn on whether I will...
  15. boomtown25

    Need someone to shed some light on what may have gone wrong

    Ok, I know this is probably going to be one of those posts where the answer is going to be "I need more specific info to advise" but here we go. I will list my perceived mistakes, but bottom line I cannot describe the taste or smell, except maybe being bitter, but I do not really feel like that...
  16. boomtown25

    Exactly How long to I have to wait?? IPA full grain brew to keg to glass??

    I've heard so many timelines, I just wanted to find out from everyone here. After I put my wort into the fermentor (I am only doing a primary), how long do I have to wait until I rack into my keg? I brewed on the 17th of February and this thing Blew up!!! It was AWESOME. Had to use my first...
  17. boomtown25

    Everyone throw your ideas on maintaining a lacto temp on a Kettle sour please!

    I have been psyching myself up for about a month now to brew my first sour (and experimenting with different local brewery sours to see which flavor I want to go with). I think I have decided my first one is going to be a raspberry ginger sour. I also think I have my "how to" pretty much down...
  18. boomtown25

    Good Hop for a Strawberry sour?

    Do you think Huell Melon would be a nice "light" hop to add to a strawberry based kettle sour? I don't want overpowering hops but I want some in there.
  19. boomtown25

    Proper steps for filtering beer???

    I am prepping to filter my brew for the first time and wanted to run my "perceived" plans past everyone and see if I am on point or missing something: 1. I intend on racking beer into clean/sanitized keg from secondary fermentor. I think I may put sanitized paint strainer bag at end of racking...
  20. boomtown25

    Beersmith Equipment profile for a Coleman 72 qt Xtreme Cooler mash tun

    I just bought a Coleman Xtreme 70 quart cooler and converted it into a mash tun. I was wondering if anyone has the proper profile numbers (weight, dead space, size, wort loss, etc.) to plug into Beersmith to represent the features accurately?? Thanks in advance if you can help!