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  1. gonzoflick

    Airlock / De-gas question

    So I plan on racking my mead into secondary in a few weeks and then bulk aging. My question i guess is the same for mead as it is my wines that are currently bulk aging. I want to get all the gas out so when i bottle there is no fizz. Ive heard 6 months to a year in the carboy should do this...
  2. gonzoflick

    Add water after fermentation?

    OK so I brewed an American hefe the other day. It was getting dark and when I poured from my kettle into temporary bucket I thought it was to the 5 gallon line. Well I racked to primary and let sit. The next day fermentation was going very well but the water line seemed far lower than my...
  3. gonzoflick

    Will this work ok?

    I am making a Fullers ESB clone this week and I want to know if Nottingham dry will be an OK substitute for WYeast 1968 London ESB? Thanks
  4. gonzoflick

    Super Bowl Variety

    So I'm going to be supplying 4 kegs to a super bowl party for the second year in a row. Last year was great, I had 4 full kegs blown by then end of the party!. I had 1 Apfelwine 2 Kolsch 3 Pale Ale 4 Belgian Double This year I am a little pressed on time as I havent had the funds...
  5. gonzoflick

    Belgian Beer Giant Inbev to bid for Anheuser-Busch?

    Not sure if this has been posted yet but here it is
  6. gonzoflick

    Pale malt addition to Belgian Blonde?

    Yesterday I brewed a tweaked version of the SWMBO Slayer using Belgian Pale malt. My LHBS didnt have Belgian 2-row as the recipe calls for. They just had Pale malt. I am wondering how this will affect the flavor of the brew. The SRM is too high but all other figures fall into the Belgian...
  7. gonzoflick

    Fermenting temps

  8. gonzoflick

    Great new up and coming FL Brewery

    So browsing my local beer store yesterday I cam across two new bottles of belgian beer I hadn't seen before. Turns out they are from a Tarpon Springs, FL brewery called Saint Somewhere. The are brand new I think only producing brew since January and let me tell you its fantastic. The bottle I...
  9. gonzoflick

    Substitute for Tettnanger

    I am looking for a substitute for Tettnanger hops used as flavor and aroma in Ed Worts Kolsch recipe. I have many other varieties at my house but not this one.
  10. gonzoflick

    BeerTools Pro Question

    Not to hijack but I use beer tools pro and I cant find anywhere that shows you strike temps and things of that nature.. In the section on the bottom called Schedule is it supposed to show a graph or something?
  11. gonzoflick

    Second AG (Blue Moon)

    Just doughed into my second AG and hit my mash temp spot on. I'm making the Blue Balls Belgian Wit from Biermeister. I cant wait this is so awesome. It feels like i know a 100% more now than even my first time. Trying to fix the little things I messed up last time.
  12. gonzoflick

    Jim Koch on the hop shortage and longshot winners

    Good read. He replies at the bottom
  13. gonzoflick

    Mashed into greatness?

    Just doughed into an Ed's Pale Ale recipe for my first AG brew. Noticed a lot of you have chosen this recipe. I hit my temp 152 right on and now Im awaiting that 60 minute mark so I can begin my first ever batch sparge. Damn this is exciting! So thankful to have finally taken the plunge. It...
  14. gonzoflick

    Good deal?

    So I just committed to buying some equipment off craigslist. Here is what Im getting for $225 what do you all think 1 x Sanke Keg with top cut out but no spigot 1 x IGLOO 10 gallon cooler w/ spigot but without any sort of manifold 6 x 5.5 gallon carboys 3 x corny kegs 1 x regulator 1 x...
  15. gonzoflick

    What would you pay for Grolsch bottles?

    I have an opportunity to pick up up to 60 Grolsch bottles locally for $1.25 each. Would you all pay this much for these bottles?
  16. gonzoflick

    Free shippin on vent-matics Just a FYI in case you were in the market. Good price
  17. gonzoflick

    Kolsch Yeast Question

    Ok So I bought AHS Texas Orange Kolsch kit without the yeast since I knew it would arrive here in sunny FL hot as hell. I picked up a pack of WYEAST 2656 KOLSCH this morning and I wanted to know. Is this a lager yeast? If so Im guessing I should ferment between 50-60 and then cold condition...
  18. gonzoflick

    Imperial Hefeweizen
  19. gonzoflick

    Thoguhts on this Three Layer Belgian

    My LHBS advertises this recipe as one of their "kits". It looks very good but I have never brewed in this style before, with the 3 layers. What are you all's thoughts? Layer One 3.3 lbs. Wheat Malt Extract ½ lb. Belgian Wheat Grain (cracked) ½ lb. Belgian Pale Grain (cracked)...
  20. gonzoflick

    Bottling at my place...

    Its so nice having house elves that like homebrew as payment. All I need do is place my bottles on the counter the night before. Lets see it was 30 for the merlot... and I didnt for forget to leave out bottles for the vanilla cream ale AND my Kaduva IPA = 100 bottles for those sweet lads...