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    New to kegging

    Purge the keg with CO2 first then transfer into it, get the cider as cold as possible and then calculate the pressure based on this chart. Carbing at warmer temperatures is wasteful of CO2 IMO.
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    Northern brewer transfer pump?

    Never used that model, but are you sure it's oxygen and not CO2 getting knocked out of solution?
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    That's a pretty classic looking pellicle. Sounds like you did the right thing. Just be sure to minimize headspace and air contact in secondary. I would hit it with sulfites too.
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    Cider conferences

    Most people are pretty open about what they do. There isn't really any one 'correct' way to make cider and no real 'secrets' in the industry. It's just fermenting apple juice after all. All of the techniques you mention are really just preferences chosen by the individual cidermaker depending on...
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    Cider conferences

    At CiderCon right now. It's a lot of fun but the presentations tend to be geared for newer folks from the industry. Some helpful more narrowly focused presentations exist for the more experienced depending on what you are interested in. Wish they would bring back the open forums. GLINTCAP is...
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    Fermenting in IBC totes

    Never been to a cidery or winery which doesn't have at least a few IBCs squirreled around. They are just too useful. I don't use them often, but they really save the day in a pinch when stainless tank space is tight. Gotta get a transfer pump though, as you're not going to be lifting them up on...
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    Mixed drinks using ur cider?

    French 75: Cider + a shot of gin. Consume with caution.
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    Brett Cider Recipes?

    Yes, big fan of sur lie aging for this type of product. Flavor peak depends, keep tasting & trust your palette while remebering how in bottle aging can continue the ! Temp, again depends of how it tastes. Aging in topped up fermentors
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    Reduct smell in my cider: how to get rid?

    Rack over and give it a day or two before sampling again. Post again with an update. Patience is key in cidermaking. You have some time before mercaptans form to the point of being a problem. Try low intervention options first and then escalate from there.
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    How many gallons of cider in 2017

    Nice, that sounds like a great blend!
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    Reduct smell in my cider: how to get rid?

    Not if it's a reductive H2S issue. Which, if left unaddressed can turn into mercaptans which are much, much, more difficult to deal with.
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    Brett Cider Recipes?

    I've made a lot of Brett cider & have found that aging really helps the flavor. I fully support the idea that you can use the same equipment for Brett and regular fermentation assuming you're cleaning and sanitation is good. Actually tapping ~2.5 year old Brett kegs this week. Wonder how they...
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    How many gallons of cider in 2017

    Two questions. What was your heirloom blend? And what's in the barrel!???
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    Reduct smell in my cider: how to get rid?

    Rack it off into another container. That will introduce some oxygen and help degas the cider. If that doesn't help some gentle stirring may do it. Try these more natural methods before adding things like copper or reduless.
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    History of Still vs Carbonated Cider...???

    The above posters are correct. Old cider recipes often call for the fermentation barrel to be bunged up tight after fermentation starts to subside and some talk about how the cider looses is bubbles as the cask is consumed. You begin to find carbonated cider as we know in the early 1700s in...
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    Best Yeast for Unpasteurized Cider???

    Commercial yeast doesn't care if the cider has been pasteurized or not. Go ahead and use Nottingham as planned.
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    Dark vs light cider

    From your picture it looks like the one on the left is yellow due to still having yeast in suspension, it may be still fermenting. The right appears darker because the yeast has dropped out. Both would fall under what I would consider to be 'typical' cider colors. What's the SG on both?
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    To be fair, I've also received some pretty dumb feedback from GLINTCAP judges too. All reviews should be taken a a whole and NEVER place too much importance on any single individual judge. Many can be prejudiced and influenced by personal preference.
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    Tree planting ideas

    Not a huge fan of Goldrush. The batches I have made with it come out very tart and are relatively flavorless. As part of a blend it can help bring acidity to a cider where malic is lacking but personally I would rather use something with more flavor and comparable acidity. Rhode Island Greening...
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    I've found most beer-centric competitions to be next to useless in terms of feedback. Wine competitions are better, cider specific are best. GLINTCAP is the best competition to enter in if you want quality feedback on cider from some of the most knowledgeable folks in the US cider world.