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    BrewChatter Brew Zilla/Robo Brew Giveaway

    I’m in! Thanks HBT
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    California Carboys for sale - pickup in Los Angeles

    2 five gallon and 1 six gallon carboys in crates for safer carry 6gal $20 5gal $15 Take all three for $45 Local pickup in mid city Los Angeles
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    Taprite rebuild kit - little rubber washer?

    Is it no. 11 in this pic? You won't use it to rebuild a secondary regulator.
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    Turning tap handles

    This is not a tap handle. It's a tryer handle for a 1926 probat coffee roaster. The roastmaster at our company is really into skateboarding and the old tryer handle was broken so I made this out or one of his old boards. The brass ferrule is turned from a garden hose fitting. Here is a tap...
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    NEMA 14-30 Power Cable - How to DIY...?

    1 what you are looking for is called SJ cable a at least 10guage, but it wont hurt if all you can find is 8(dont go the other way) b technically, it is called 3wire+g(there will be four conductors) black, red, white + green for ground c it comes as a cord, it wouldn't be safe to try to make this...
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    Camlock Connections

    I have a very similar configuration on my kettle/whirlpool setup. You don't say what type of fermenter you are using, I have a conical, so maybe this won't apply, but this is what I do. I have a 1.5"triclamp to male camlock fitting which I attach to the racking port. When the wort is cooled I...
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    Pressure release?!

    You could try removing the relief valve and cleaning it. You shouldn't have to hold it closed if it is functioning properly. I'm not familiar with that particular regulator and whether or not rebuild kits or replacement parts are available. Does this still occur if you adjust the low side...
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    Pressure release?!

    A picture of the regulator might help. Are you referring to a manual prv with a pull ring? Or is it in the back of the regulator with no pull ring?
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    Help with Session Beer please.

    Certainly! This is an ordinary bitter I like to keep on rotation ten gallons 3.2% 10 lbs maris otter 1 lb crystal 40 .5 lb crystal 120 3oz East Kent Golding(whole cone) 60 min wyeast 1098 British ale
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    Help with Session Beer please.

    I make quite a few low abv session beers. Mostly those recipes for me are designed for low gravity rather than scaled down, but it should be fairly similar if you are building a session from an existing recipe. Some tricks I utilize: Scale the base malt primarily while still keeping the...
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    Losing siphon / stuck at last 1-2 gallons when going to primary...

    If you can turn a compression fitting without a wrench, then it is most certainly not air tight. I would start there. Maybe replace the 'olive' portion of the compression fitting with silicone, you could likely get that tight enough by hand.
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    Losing siphon / stuck at last 1-2 gallons when going to primary...

    Possibly the seal at the pick up tube is not tight and allowing air to be pulled in once the liquid level gets to the valve/pick up tube.
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    What hardware for passing glycol lines thru wall?

    A bulkhead fitting isn't really necessary here. You could simply drill holes just larger than the OD of your tubing and push them thru the wall, similarly to how many run a co2 line into a kegerator.
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    Pump for xfering water from Aquatainer

    I would be hesitant to use a submersible pump in my product water, that's just my opinion. How about one of these? I'm not sure it...
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    Pump for xfering water from Aquatainer

    What about elevating the aquatainer and plumbing the RO to a float valve? like this Then gravity feeding out of the aquatainer to the kettle.
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    Do you disassemble corny post poppets when cleaning?

    It is possible, but will likely take some fiddling. The three leg clip holds the spring in the correct orientation and depth. If it's not aligned right the poppet may not close or open correctly. I've bent some similarly and they've worked fine, while others leaked and when I tried bending the...
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    How many square feet is your home brewery?

    Pics as promised Compressor exterior Evaporator interior Fermenters and grain storage
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    Hops At least that's what I use as 'beer enhancer'
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    How many square feet is your home brewery?

    Yes, I did. I used a portable air conditioner and gently moved the evaporator similarly to build a glycol chiller from an ac. The evaporator is interior with the condenser/compressor in the brewery space. I removed all of the control circuitry and built it out with an inkbird and relays. It is...