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  1. nagmay

    New hop varieties

    We may be entering a new renaissance when it comes to hop varieties! As many of you know, I have my own experimental breeding program going on - but, I'm also always interested to learn about any new hops entering the market. So, I thought I'd start up a thread to document new one as they...
  2. nagmay

    Sorachi Ace (Found it!)

    I know I'm not the only one who has been looking to plant this. The Thyme Garden is now selling it along with some other hard-to-get rhizomes. Looks like they ship anywhere in the US: BTW, I have no relationship with this business... other than being a...
  3. nagmay


    Being both a geek and a homebrew enthusiast, I decided to write my own recipe calculator: There are a bunch of others out there, but I wanted to create something new. The focus was on an easy-to-use interface, backed by good data that is easy to keep updated. For example...
  4. nagmay

    Are your hops ready to pick? Take a closer look.

    Pull out your $10 DIY microscope and check out the lupulin glands. More info about the photos and how I took them... Unripe glands start as cup shape: When ripe, the glands will be plump: Hops can turn brown for any number of reasons – so, this is not a good indication of...
  5. nagmay

    Commercial style trellis question

    We're setting up a trellis for a 60' row of hops to do some trials. This will be the style that you see in commercial yards: About 16' tall 6" posts on the ends, 4" posts between 1/4" aircraft cable Ground anchors and turnbuckles So, my question is about running/tightening the cable...
  6. nagmay

    Growing hops from seed

    Before anyone helpfully points out that hops don't grow true from seed - I know... That is exactly the point. After searching high and low (including this board) for hop pollen/males, I decided to take a step back and sprout my own males for breeding purposes. Thanks to friends on the...
  7. nagmay

    Looking for pollen, male flowers or seeds from know varieties

    Hello, Do you have a plant that surprised you with some male flowers? Did you find some seeds during your last harvest? If so, and you are willing to share, please send me a message. I have been growing hops in my backyard for several years and would like try my hand at possibly breeding...