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  1. bsay

    Question about your CO2 prices

    I just swapped my 20# cylinder at a local hydroponics store, they charged me $7.52 including tax. The store is a chain of stores with locations throughout Colorado. They only do 20#, no other sizes. Swap only.
  2. bsay

    Irish Stout Ó Flannagáin Standard

    The carapils helps to balance out the roasted in a way that replacing it with more flaked just wouldn't. That said, try the replacement and report back!
  3. bsay

    Someone wants to use one of my photos

    Check out the creative commons licenses, they could be useful to you. You can specify the conditions like non-commercial, attribution, share-alike, etc... to fit your needs.
  4. bsay

    to bottle or keg my stout

    Hidden Answer #3: Secondary it. Let it sit awhile, when it comes to stouts, you'll be glad you did. Then, just keg it.
  5. bsay

    Could I keg?

    Pouring the concentrate through a funnel with a screen would work. You might need to mix it up with water first though. Or maybe cheesecloth....
  6. bsay

    Yeast bank vials not freezing?

    How do you know they are not frozen? If you are expecting ice crystals on the inside, well that's exactly what the glycerine prevents. Try filling a spare vial 1/2 full of water, and place in the center of your yeast vials. If it freezes, then all is well.
  7. bsay

    Faulty Corny Keg - lost beer - help

    This is why I have a simple rule in my keezer: if the keg has pressure, it has a proper liquid line attached. The faucet (even a picnic faucet) is less likely to fail than a poppet of a used keg. I have one keg with a gas poppet that doesn't fit quite right and I have to press it in with a...
  8. bsay

    Countertop Brutus 20

    jkarp, This is a sweet system you got here. Is the controller wired about how you'd expect? I haven't wired up such a controller, are the green and brown wires on the bottom providing power to the controller? And then the other green/brown is connected to the SSR, yea? Seems pretty...
  9. bsay

    Countertop Brutus 20

    Thanks The Pol, I figured it had to be, either that or there was some weird way to calculate output of two elements in the same kettle...
  10. bsay

    Countertop Brutus 20

    (Emphasis mine) Hope that's a misprint, otherwise, it seems like I would need nearly 20 2000W elements....Is that right?
  11. bsay

    Countertop Brutus 20

    If going with two elements, do you recommend two 1500Ws over two 2200Ws? I can see that I would need two circuits, but figuring that most house kitchens either have two between the several outlets or have another room close enough, an extension cord will do. Is there a way to figure out how...
  12. bsay

    Countertop Brutus 20

    My thoughts exactly. I figure I could just plug it in when it's boil time. I don't think I would need any kind of controller for it (I would want it on a manual switch and a GFCI). Then I can control the boil with the controller in manual % mode on the other element (the one that also heats...
  13. bsay

    Countertop Brutus 20

    Great! I found the other thread now, answered a lot of my questions. If I did want to do two 120V elements, do you know any of the logistics behind that? I cannot imagine running both of those element and the pump at one time on my weak 20A breakers, but then again, I'm no electrician when it...
  14. bsay

    Countertop Brutus 20

    Thanks for the quick response, I might be building something similar to this soon, I only have 120, so that's a limiting factor for me, but I would love to do bigger batches than the 2.5 gal I have been brewing lately.
  15. bsay

    Countertop Brutus 20

    Do you constantly recirculate during the mash, or do you mash, then recirculate everything (including sparge water)? I like the idea of just throwing the sparge water into the recirculation, seems like it would work well. How many gallons do you brew with this setup (I see you said < 5)? Is...
  16. bsay

    Pumpkin beers: Discussion, developing recipes, tips tricks, and a good practices

    A bit of wisdom from my brew club: If you can smell the spice during the boil, you're losing the flavor of the spice. Add spices at flameout to prevent loss.
  17. bsay

    Brewmasters Warehouse

    Brought that one on myself then, as I believe I recommended the timed spices. I'll get my recipes added back in again soon.
  18. bsay

    Brewmasters Warehouse

    Hey Ed, did the database get purged for the new site when it was released? Just curious, my recipes seemed to have disappeared. Edit: Don't worry, I have backups.
  19. bsay

    Brewmasters Warehouse

    From Wikipedia: Maltodextrin is enzymatically derived from any starch. In the US, this starch is usually corn; in Europe, it is commonly wheat. This is important for coeliacs, since the wheat-derived maltodextrin can contain traces of gluten. There have been recent reports of coeliac reaction...