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    8 years and never had anything look like this... Help

    Ok. So I made an extract based IPA. It contained dried lemon and orange peel which I may have left in for...a couple weeks. Fast forward a few months and every bottle has these white spots and the beer is totally flat. I've been brewing for 8 years and never had anything like this happen...
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    hop-honey? Anyone familiar with hop-honey? Thoughts on what it will do to a brew?
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    GF CrazyHop IPA

    You don't need that much sorghum. Use: 3.3lbs sorghum 1.6lbs Brown Rice Syrup 1lb adjunct sugar (maple syrup, brown sugar, honey, candi syrup)
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    Quinoa for Head Retention?

    Don't use regular dish soap--I found that change made a huge difference in head retention.
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    Tweaks to this GF stout recipe to give it more of a "Guinness" Flavor?

    Your extract base was solid...except for the candy sugar. 2lbs of the D-180 would have not only changed the color of your beer, but the flavor profile and body are impacted too.
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    Colonial Brewing

    I don't actually brew anymore, but when I was really into it I used to argue with my friends who didn't brew gluten free that they needed to expand their understanding of beer beyond the reinheitsgebot. Not sure if anyone here ever watches the Youtube Channel Townsends but I recently saw one...
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    Grapefruit IPA v5

    Awesome. Iglashion's grapefruit IPA is still one of my favorites. Does he still make appearances on HBT? His bold experimentation was invaluable for me when I was starting out.
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    GF ingredients to improve sorghum-based beers

    I regularly brew GF beers--and have been for a number of years now. I brewed an IPA just this week. I do extract only because with 3 kids 3 and under, time is of the essence. This is pretty much the base recipe that I have found works perfectly for giving the yeast enough nutrients...
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    rice malt

    I've been seeing more rice malt available such as this: I'm wondering if anyone has tried this or a similar product? If so I'm wondering: 1) how well does it work? Does it convert well? What style does it take to create tye conversion? 2) How does it...
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    Help a New GF Brewery!

    Hey Ig, good to see you and great to hear about this exciting development in your life. I am flat broke: literally, I can't even afford to brew right now. But if I had some extra money I'd send it your way. I did copy and paste this to my blog to try to help spread the word. Hope that helps and...
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    Wanna try Gluten Free Blue Moon

    This is my version of a blue moon:
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    Going to buy BRS at health food store

    I've never used Blue Agave so I can't help you there. But I live in the middle of no where and the closest homebrew shop is a solid 50 minutes away. However, if you have access to Amazon you can buy Lundberg's Brown Rice syrup (and lots of other goodies). That is the brand I've used for...
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    Alternate to kegging

    I saw this posted on Facebook today and it looks pretty awesome. It is like a Keurig but for beer. And just in case someone says something--I don't know these guys, I'm not benefiting from this. HEck, I didn't even contribute money to the kickstarter--but I still hope they raise the funds and...
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    Gluten-Free Solstice Saison

    What is the dry malt extract? Is that just rice syrup solids or is it something else? I'm not aware of any GF dry malt (aside from RSS).
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    Wood Chips

    1. I have. I used oak chips in a Dunkel. 2. I don't think I'd recommend it. It certainly added a complexity to the flavor but I've made this beer before and I preferred it without the chips. 3. Sorghum doesn't have an awful flavor. You just have to understand how to work with it. 4. Even...
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    dry hopped cider preferences?

    I enjoy dry hopped cider and I have used cascade and hallertau hops. Currently, I am thinking of doing a batch with Mt. Hood and I just wondered what your favorite hop was for dry hopping cider?
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    Gluten Free might just be getting better! A LOT BETTER!

    What is the mash schedule for malted rice? Is it as laborious as other GF grains? Are enzymes required?
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    Homemade Belgian candi syrup

    How can I test my water? I'm on a well. What is the procedure? Is the water brought to a boil with the sugar and then the lime and yeast nutrient added?
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    Homemade Belgian candi syrup

    do you think this method could be used to make Golden candi syrup?
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    Homemade Belgian candi syrup

    This is fantastic. Do you can it or how do you store it?