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    Pilsner Urquell

    Just got a coupon in the mail for $6.99 towards a 6 pack of Urquell. Don't have a clue as to how I got on their list. I have not tasted it in years and from what I remember it was not so good back then. I am gonna go for it.:mug: AP
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    Racer 5 bottles???!!!

    I have a whole bunch of the 22's saved up. Tried to remove the labels from a couple and it was a complete no-go. Got the paper off but the glue they use is some nasty sticky stuff. Tried oxy-clean, soap, scalding hot water, alchohol, even oven cleaner with no luck. Green pad just turned the glue...
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    Whitbread Pale Ale

    Tried some this weekend, bottles, the price was $11 a 12 pak at BevMo. I thought that it left a unique sweetness on the back of the tongue with each swallow. Verging on banana, but not quite, Probably a characteristic of the yeast. The OL definately liked it . She is a bit of a hophead and...
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    Bad Service from Lhbs....????

    Just got back from a 1+ hour drive over to the lhbs. I got a mega list of stuff I needed to start the new year off. On the way over I started thinking about one of their Pale Ale extract kits I brewed once and the OL loved , thought I would add one to the bill I did not see one on the shelf so...
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    Hi from So.Cal

    Just registered on this forum, long time lurker, first time post. I have been doing the homebrew thang for a couple of years, only know a couple of other homebrewers locally and they are not real serious into it. For me it is like an obsessive compulsive behaviour. I do only extract/grains and...