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  1. houndhome1

    mash temp question

    I am brewing a simple IPA all grain. I started my mash at 152 degree's. I noticed 30 minutes in that I dropped to 140 degree's. I heated more water and brought the mash back up to 152 degree's. I restarted my hour time table from that point. Should I notice any side effects?
  2. houndhome1

    bone-head mistake?

    I was in the middle of brewing when I was called into work(law enforcement) and had to put on hold. I had just flamed out. I chilled the wort and covered. 8 hours later ( midnight) I returned to transfer into primary. I pitched my yeast slurry and called in a night. 24 hrs later I went to...
  3. houndhome1

    brewing with full hops

    I have a nice batch of cascade hops I picked and dried. It is my first time using hops this way. Should I crush them just before putting them in the boil? I was also thinking of dry hopping with them,what are the pro's and con's? Thanks
  4. houndhome1

    old co2

    Does anyone know if C02 can go stale?. I know that 02 can develop an odd smell if left in the tank to long. My co2 is about a year old. My last two kegs have develop an somewhat bitter flavor. I have brewed the same style of beer, and used the same yeast. The beer tasted good when I transfered...
  5. houndhome1

    oh Sh*t it was still too hot

    I brewed a double batch on sunday. The first batch went fine, the second took a lot longer to cool down. I had it outside in 15 degree weather with snow surrounding it. It took over an hour to cool. I got it down to 85 degree's( I was running short on time) and pitched my starter. The next...
  6. houndhome1

    what a great day

    it's 5 degree's outside, I'm brewing a double batch out in the garage. I was able to get the temp up to 30 in the garage. I have the radio on, I have a home brew, and a good cigar. Does it get much better than that!!!!! I almost forgot, I'm smoking a set of ribs for supper.
  7. houndhome1

    double batching

    I just read an article about double batching using the same grains. Just remash and resparge for a second batch. Has anyone had sucess with this method. My thought was to add 3lbs of new grain to the bed and remash. I would make a second starter and add hops per the recipe when doing the...
  8. houndhome1

    going green

    trying to recycle. I use the warmed water to add water to my pool. works great
  9. houndhome1

    greatest compliment

    On thrusday I hosted an end of the year party for approx 20 guys. I made an Irish draught ale for the event. Several guys brought their favorite drink. We had Sam, Sam summer, blue moon, and a bud light guy. Yah I know, how did he get invlted. Just for something to do. we did a blind...
  10. houndhome1

    High School metal shop project

    I found out that our local highschool metal shop is always looking for a project to build for their students. I had them make a brewing rig. THey even used a plasma cutting computer to make up name plates fro me. Check out the pics. Ther whole thing parts and labor cost me $50.00
  11. houndhome1

    lemonade color

    I brewed an american wheat beer from northern brewer. It was a 5gal all grain batch. It was boiled for 60 minutes following the recipe. It sat in an open primary for 10 days, then a closed secondary for 10 days, it was then kegs and sat warm for two weeks. It then sat in my ref for 5 days, then...
  12. houndhome1

    rootbeer float

    I just started my first open fermentation batch of brew. I have always done a closed system with an airlock. I brew all grain. With in 24 hours the reaction is unbelievable. It looks like a root beer float. There some much foam. I can't wait to taste the end product to se the difference. I...
  13. houndhome1

    false bottom idea

    I use a retangle cooler to mash my grains. I was thinking of buying a piece of 3/8 thick plexglass and cut to fit the inside of the cooler. If i used some wooden dowels to keep the glass just higher then the drian tube, and drill a sh*tload of 1/8 holes would this work. I am looking for...
  14. houndhome1

    beer looks like mud

    I recently brewed two batches of an english bitter. Both were AG.One was brewed using my gas stove, the other was brewed using a newly puchased fryer. Both went well. They were conditioned in kegs and then cooled. I tapped the stove top one and everything was great. Nice clear color nice head...
  15. houndhome1

    Anchor Steam Brewery

    I just came back from a visit to San Fransico and went on a tour of the Anchor Steam Brewery. What a great experience, oh yah the free beer was pretty good also. Being a homwbrewer for several years, I finally was able to see how the big boys do it. I recommend to anyone who may get a chance...
  16. houndhome1


    I received a deliverly the other day. I live in CT and it was insanely cold. When I opened the package my wyeast liquid yeast was frozen. Is it doomed?
  17. houndhome1

    wood casks

    I am thinking of investing in a wooden cask to age several brews. I have several questions. 1, would I fill the cask after the second fermention was complete? 2, Does the cask seal tight enough to create carbination? 3, How is the beer dispensed out of the cask? thanks for the help.
  18. houndhome1

    Great Christmas party

    My wife and I held a Christmas party on sunday with two of my homebrews being the main attraction. Several of my " beer buddy" have alway like what I brew, but now it was the main course for over 60 people. I made a nut brown ale adding 1,1/2 punds of honey and 1 pound of brown sugar. My other...
  19. houndhome1

    double batched

    well, I attempted my first double batch using the same grain bill. I made my first 5 gal batch as always, then resparged the grains and started a second 5 gal batch. I added an additional 31/2 pound of DME to comp for the loss in sugar. I also used different hops then the first batch. 8 weeks...
  20. houndhome1

    OMG what a difference

    I just tapped a keg from my second try at Ag. It's an IPA from northernbrewer. The taste is awsome. What a difference from the kits and partials. The flavor is more intense. I try to let the kegs sit for three weeks at room temp then two weeks in the refig before tapping. I doing my third AG...