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  1. Yankeehillbrewer

    Pyment Question

    Hi All, Been away from these forums and brewing for many years. Got back into for a little bit and then life happened as it tends to do. Anyhow, a co-worker has tons of grapes on her property. No real clue on what they are, possibly Himrod from the little research I have done. They are a...
  2. Yankeehillbrewer

    Can out of whack pH prevent fermentation from finishing?

    A few months ago I decided to pull the trigger on brewing an extreme beer. My goal was to make a 20% or better ABV beer, somewhat in the realm of Utopias. Not very original, but I wanted to see if I could do it. Well, apparantly my brewing prowess is not what I think it is. Fermentation has...
  3. Yankeehillbrewer

    Suggestions on building my water please

    Here's my water report... pH 6.7 Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Est, ppm 83 Electrical Conductivity, mmho/cm 0.14 Cations / Anions, me/L 1.5 / 1.5 ppm Sodium, Na 10 Potassium, K 1 Calcium, Ca 14 Magnesium, Mg 3 Total Hardness, CaCO3 48 Nitrate, NO3-N < 0.1 (SAFE) Sulfate, SO4-S < 1...
  4. Yankeehillbrewer

    Diptube keeps clogging

    So I brewed a Black IPA a while back for the Northern California Homebrewers Fesitval. I dry hopped it in the keg using Cheescloth as a Hopsack(never again will I do this:mad:) Anyhow, while driving to the festival the Cheesecloth worked it's way open and now there are a ton of hops loose in the...
  5. Yankeehillbrewer

    Liquid Fence

    Anyone ever use Liquid Fence on their Hops? Something did a pretty good number on my place last night. Ate pretty much all the leaves off of my Hallertauer plant and hit some of my flowers(not surprising). Left the other four alone though. Anyhow, the packaging says it ok for edible items. Just...
  6. Yankeehillbrewer

    2nd year nugget crapped out on me

    I'm not sure if I watered it too much or what. I transplanted it from a Pot to the ground this year. It took a long time to break ground and once it did it never did much, then it just died. I dug it up and it was pretty much rotten, and it was pretty slimy, but the soil was fairly dry...
  7. Yankeehillbrewer

    Grain bed got to 173-ish

    So, I've been doing all grain for about 3 years now, about 75 batches and I've never had this problem. In fact I've always had a hard time getting to Mash out temps. Well, I recently switched to mashing at 1.25 qts/lb and being my lazy self i didn't make adjustments to my sparge Temp. Anyhow...
  8. Yankeehillbrewer

    Marzen/Oktoberfest Recipe..Please Critique?

    So after a couple years of overdoing it on IPA's, I've really been trying to re-introduce myself to some of the other great styles out there. I picked up some Gordon Biersch Marzen and reminded myself of how much I used to love that beer. So naturally I decided I need to brew my own version of...
  9. Yankeehillbrewer

    Copper or SS as Beer Lines?

    Searched a little on this but no luck..... Is it possible to use small diameter Copper or SS tubing as Beer Line? I just got my keezer going and have the nasty plastic taste in all of my pours. I've read the thread on using Poly but I thought this may be a possibility. The drawbacks...
  10. Yankeehillbrewer

    What do you pay for a Pint of Pliny?

    An establishment in my area has recently started having Pliny on tap. Which is great, but it really seems to me that they are over charging at $7/Pint. That just seems really steep. So I'm curious what folks are paying around the country where Pliny is available on Tap. This place was also...
  11. Yankeehillbrewer

    Tweaking my IIPA to an IPA

    I make a IIPA that technically meets the style guidelines. It's 1.075, 87 IBU's, & 8.5% ABV, But last year when I entered into a comp the general feedback was that it didn't taste like a IIPA, but more like an IPA. So I want to tweak it a bit(I think) for this years comp. Recipe 9 lbs 2...
  12. Yankeehillbrewer

    Testing for Actual IBU's

    Has anyone ever sent their beer off to be tested by a Lab for actual IBU's? I wonder if it is even practical from a cost perspective. I have heard it mentioned on Brew Strong a couple of times, but I'm not sure if that is even available to us Homebrewers. I'd really like to get some actual...
  13. Yankeehillbrewer

    Maple Syrup PPG??

    I've been doing some digging on this today, but haven't found much. The only number I've gotten so far is 31ppg, but that seems awfully low for something that seems to be mostly sugar. Any one have a good number for what Grade B Maple Syrup might be? Thanks in advance:mug:
  14. Yankeehillbrewer

    added unboiled wort to my starter

    So, I got the bright idea to mix some unboiled wort with my yeast to give it something to munch on right before pitching. I'm thinking this is a bad thing, but not having done that before I'm not sure. Sometimes my brain doesn't cooperate with me So, Chuck it or Pitch it? Thanks, Mike:(...
  15. Yankeehillbrewer

    Thinking about moving to Washington...Pros & Cons?

    So the wife and I are pretty tired of California, we are born & raised here but I think we've had enough. We are thinking about moving to the Olympia area, maybe Chehalis or Centralia. So far it looks like you pay a little more in Property Tax, but there is no State Tax, & Sales Tax is about a...
  16. Yankeehillbrewer

    No brews on Tap at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse

    So I was in Southern California this weekend, and I had the good fortune of being treated to a Dinner at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. When I asked the Waiter what he had on tap I was amazed when he said "nothing", then he proceeded to name off nothing but BMC's for what he had in Bottles. Though...
  17. Yankeehillbrewer

    Please critique my Coffee Porter recipe

    This will be my first Porter, I've researched a lot of recipes, and here is what i've come up with.... Target OG is 1.060, Mash at 154* 8-1/2lbs 2 Row 1/2lb Chocolate Malt 1/4lb Black Patent 1/2lb Flaked Barley 1/2lb Special B 1oz Magnum @ 60 for 49IBU's I will most likely use...
  18. Yankeehillbrewer

    Time for my first Barleywine

    So now that I have some kegs to bulk age in I can make some of these bigger beers I've been wanting to. First on the list is a Barleywine. Here's what I've come up with so far, I'm planning for 70% efficiency, my normal is about 82%. 18.5lbs American Two Row .5lb Special B .5lb Honey Malt...
  19. Yankeehillbrewer

    Anyone out there recalibrate their Keezer?

    I know it's possible to recalibrate the temps on a freezer. Just curious if anyone on here has done that. I found a little bit of stuff online, and it sounds as simple as adjusting a screw, but that seems a little too good to be true. I have a GE 7.0 cu ft. I'll be building a shell around this...
  20. Yankeehillbrewer

    Mirror,Mirror & others

    So I tried a few new brews tonight and I must say that I am mighty impressed... Deschutes Mirror,Mirror- To date this is the best Barleywine I have tasted. Nice and Malty but well balanced. The first couple of sips were very unique, but after that it was very smooth and just a pleasure to...