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    Beginner's question about lack of fermentation

    Hi Everybody! I think I may have a dilemma, but I am not sure. I am currently fermenting a oatmeal raisin stout, (my first high gravity beer). The Original gravity was 1.070, after taking a 2nd reading when racking the beer to secondary the gravity was at 1.028. One week later (today), I took a...
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    Chili Pepper Beer

    Hi everybody! I plan on making a chili pepper beer this week and I have a few questions regarding the whole thing. What kind of chilies should I use and how much? How should I prepare the chilies? When should I add the chilies and for how long? Any other ingredients would you suggest to...
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    Beginner's question about water

    Hello everybody, I have a question regarding the type of water i use for my brewing, actually more specifically on sanitizing my brewing equipment. I know I should be using good drinking water for the recipe, which i certainly do not have running out of my faucet, so I must buy water from...