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  1. ReuFroman

    First eBrew today - burnt

    So went through very quickly and was awesome. I can't believe how short heating time is. Hence the issue. Burnt the wert in the bk. burnt like toast, cheap late night pizzas, and a day at the pool. What are most people setting the power to on their pid? I have aub pids running 5500 uld wave...
  2. ReuFroman

    The way over engineered thread

    I started to realize that I tend to over engineer everything. Case and point 1/2" ID counter flow chiller with a 2" cooling hose. It's 36' long. Over kill? No I cool 12 gallons in 7 minutes. Building a brew panel that is both PID and bcs. Over kill? Nope, I like choices. What have you over...
  3. ReuFroman

    Brewing Away From Home - What would you do?

    So it looks like I am going to be in the silicon valley for the next 6-months on a contract. I will have an executive studio with 110v. Probably won't have a more than 25 amp circuit to plug into. I don't want to have to babysit the stove so a PID biab is the first thought. I am thinking...
  4. ReuFroman

    DIN this, Done that - how did you DIN your panel?

    I have been spending time placing and thinking and drawing and then redoing. I think I need the collective mind to show me the way to glorious ebrewing utopia. Which option worked best for you or you wish : 1) long rows of din mounted components 2) short rows with segmentation of parts plated...
  5. ReuFroman

    Wiring Schematic Hybrid BCS / PID

    So I have been working on a hybrid BCS (BT or Pi, I'm still not sure) and a PID controlled schematic. I would say I am about 80% done with it. But I figured I would share and see what you guys thought. Attached is the small sketch, the link is a full size one...
  6. ReuFroman

    Open your panel and show me whats inside

    As I start to consider my inner workings and wirings of my panel I wanted to see what others are doing. So show me your pids!
  7. ReuFroman

    How and where did you mount your control box? Pics please

    I'm trying to figure out where and how to mount my control box. I have a stainless chefs table (the nicer ones you see at costco) that all my gear is on, do I mount it to the table? Do I mount it to the wall? Do I mount it at all? What have you done, what would you do different, and what do you...
  8. ReuFroman

    Blue Tape Brewery Exploded (View)

    I have been working on this for a couple of weeks and finally sat down and put this together. I wanted to see what an exploded view of the set up I have looks like in actual physical parts (and how much I am going to kill my bank account) before I go spending money like a mad man. The distance...
  9. ReuFroman

    The Correct Process

    To make steps easier I did a diagram of the brew day process. Basically it's my setup in a quick reference chart that I made a while ago then updated it today. I went through it a few times to make sure I had it right. This will be the process I am going for when programing for automation. I...
  10. ReuFroman

    Panel Design

    I'm getting ready to go electric, bcs or BT, and I want to make sure I have manual override for everything. I came up with this layout on a 20x20 box. Thoughts, Ideas, Suggestions, Don't Do that's? Thanks for your input.
  11. ReuFroman

    Fat kid at a doughnut shop - which controller?

    The question? Which controller should I get, BT or BCS or Pi? Have any of you bought one and wished you had the other? During brew day are you wishing you had more or less? Which features on brew day seem to be the most important ones when considering the system? What features should I be...
  12. ReuFroman

    Internal tap system for commercial fridge

    I am trying to figure out the best way to put in a tap system on a new fridge that I won at an auction. It is a beast and I want to keep it hole free. I have lots of space to do any custom lines in it. So how do I get 4-6 taps in the fridge. Or how would you? Here is a link to the fridge. Have...
  13. ReuFroman

    Transferring Liquid - Air in my lines

    I brewed yesterday and had a problem with air in my lines causing the pumps to not work. In my setup I have false bottoms with dip tubes running to a couple of chugger pumps then up to a cam fitting that either goes into my mash tun sparg arm or brew kettle whirlpool arm. It has been an issue...
  14. ReuFroman

    Three-N-One Bulkhead - Stop Swiss Cheesing your Keggles

    I hate drilling hole after hole in my keggles. So I kept thinking there has to be a better way. THERE IS... I bought all my stainless from (you should do the same. Always friendly on the phone and always fast shipping.). Try your LHBS first of course, mine didn't have the...
  15. ReuFroman

    A/V CartBrew Cart of Awesomeness!

    I was at a yard sale and purchased an AV cart. I needed to have it hold Hoses Grain Mill 2 Pumps Mash Tun Countflow Chiller Extra Stuff (i.e clamps, Drill, 2 Burner Stove, Other Stuff as needed) Also needed to be able to handle BA motor for grin mill once I got pillow blocks and the...
  16. ReuFroman

    Inverted Sanke Fermentor

    I have a couple of extra banged up kegs from a local brewery. I am thinking of taking the big boy (1/2 barrel) and flipping it to make a kick ass fermentor. It's going to be a couple of weeks before I pull the trigger and I wanted to think about all the aspects of going this route...
  17. ReuFroman

    Counterflow build, caniblized from immersion chiller

    Am taking apart my immersion chiller and am making a counter flow chiller. So I went to my local hardware superstore, the lowest one. I have a 1/2 pipe for the base. See the pictures. So most of the chillers I have seen are 3/8". I hope it works well. I basically am following the instructions...
  18. ReuFroman

    Names that didn't make the list

    I am having a fun thinking up names that I am going to call my brewery. Here is a list of ones that didn't make the list. Big Red Afro Brewery (bra brewery) Poudre river brewery (pronounced poo-der) Fat Haggis Highlands brewery High Altitude Gravity Brewery (hag) Kamara brewery (mma related...
  19. ReuFroman

    Custom beer swag

    Here do you guys get your custom brewery / beer stuff at? Labels, coasters, banners, stickers, hats, shirts... Ya know swag.
  20. ReuFroman

    Moved, now basement is too cold

    I am getting married and I moved into my chick's place. The only place in the house that stays at a constant temp is the storage room in the basement. It's 60.7 to 61.2 for the last 3 weeks. That is low on the yeast temp range. I was wondering if a specific brand had lower temp strains for...