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  1. somedudefromguam

    Seriously stop using acronyms,

    because its really annoying having to google it and still not be able to figure out what the heck you are talking about. How lazy do you have to be to cut 12 letters off of a sentence? Its confusing, it does not clarify or help relay information well, which is what this website is about. Most of...
  2. somedudefromguam

    Cheap co2 regulators?

    I want to add a couple regulators...found these... After deciding to buy, I have come to realize that these say maximum psi 300, I am thinking that it might not be safe to use with CO2. I remember reading a thread that recommended and...
  3. somedudefromguam

    Water adjustments dangerous?

    Okay, brewing just seemed to get way more complicated for me... I am reading up on water adjustments, I would like to adjust my water to have a more mineral-y profile similar to Burton on Trent. I use well water that I think is considered hard, but I have no real evidence to support that. It...
  4. somedudefromguam

    Aluminum Fermenters/ Brite tanks?

    Does anyone have any experience with aluminum fermenters or brite tanks? I looked through some threads from a few years ago, and nobody seemed to have any definite information. Thanks all!
  5. somedudefromguam

    My berliner weisse went sour....

    So I guess I took too long to keg my Berliner Weisse. It has been close to 2 weeks in the primary, 5 gallons in a six gallon carboy... Now there is a white dusty pellicle forming, About 15 dime size patches . I soured the mash then boiled the wort, so the contamination is not from that. It is a...
  6. somedudefromguam

    What temperature does lacto denature?

    Will lactobacillus denature at standard mash temperatures?
  7. somedudefromguam

    Hows this Amber recipe look?

    Brewing this tomorrow, how does this look for an Amber? I know it might be a lot of biscuit malt, but I don't mind... Amber: A ProMash Brewing Session - Recipe Details Report Recipe Specifics ---------------- Batch Size (Gal): 10.00 Wort Size (Gal): 12.00 Total Grain...
  8. somedudefromguam

    This Berliner Weisse is delicious!

    So I was recently intrigued by this beer style.... Berliner Weisse.... Even the name sounds tasty and exotic. After reading a description of the procedure at, I took hold of my trusty grain mill and began my own two day sour mash! When the soured wort seemed sufficiently sour, I...
  9. somedudefromguam

    Anyone have to call poison control during a brew?

    I thought this might make a fun thread....or make me look like a fool... Once it was for my dog, she ate a WHOLE bunch of one step. Another time for being in a small room while I was using co2, almost passed out and panicked cause I was home alone. They took forever on that one, they actually...
  10. somedudefromguam

    Dms Smell in lacto mash

    First of all, I have never experienced DMS, only read about it. All I know is that my mash smelled like brussels sprouts or steamed dandelions.... I just finnished a 2 day sour mash. I mashed in at 150, let the mash cool for a couple hours, pitched some uncrushed grains into the mash at 100...
  11. somedudefromguam

    Can beer spoil while under pressure and in fridge?

    Can fully fermented beer turn sour or otherwise go bad after it has been kegged and put on ice? I mean, if it under pressure and refrigerated, are there any bugs able to ferment?
  12. somedudefromguam

    Blackberries in keg or primary?

    I have 5 pounds of blackberries. Can I put them directly in the keg? I wonder what it will do to the final gravity. Should I put them in the primary to ferment some? Need advice...thx
  13. somedudefromguam

    How long do you sparge?

    I sparge for about 1-1.5 hours. I have been wondering recently if I could speed this process up somewhat and get the same efficiency (75%). How long does it take you to sparge?
  14. somedudefromguam

    How do they brew it???

    Rogue beers. Never had a bad one. Every single beer I have tried has been a perfect example of the style and some of my favorite beer have come out of that brewery. Can anybody tell me how they do it?
  15. somedudefromguam

    Grains lost their crunch...Stale?

    I have half a bag of rye that has been sitting around for a while. The grains seem to have lost their crunch, they just sort of chew soft. I dont think they are that old, and they were not stored outside or anything, although it is pretty humid this time of year. They smell and taste OK, more...
  16. somedudefromguam

    anyone have air in their lines?

    Have you ever experienced co2 pockets in your keg lines? I keep my lines coiled and hanging, so co2 bubbles up and creates pockets in the line and the next pour ends up foamy. Solutions??? I wonder what bigger breweries do...
  17. somedudefromguam

    Pours Foamy...

    Sooo.... I have been pouting over this keg that will not dispense beer without also pouring half a glass of foam. I have tried various lengths of 3/16 line, from 10 to 25 feet. The only thing that seems to change is the rate at witch the brew exits the spout. 25 feet gives nothing but foam...
  18. somedudefromguam

    Dry hopping and bittering technique

    I just wanted to share a technique that I have used a couple times now with success. I LOVE dry hopping. I also like pinching pennies, and finding new ways to save money while producing delectable brews! Anyway, what I have been doing is dry hopping a beer and then pulling the "spent" hops out...
  19. somedudefromguam

    100 percent aromatic malt? Munich?

    Has anyone used 100 percent aromatic malt in their grist? How about 100 percent Munich 20? I actually experimented with the Munich 20 on a small scale and could not get a negative starch test, so matched the munich with 2 row and finally converted. I am trying to experiment with base malts, I...
  20. somedudefromguam

    100% Aromatic malt? Munich 20

    Has anyone used 100 percent aromatic malt in their grist? How about 100 percent Munich 20? I actually experimented with the Munich 20 on a small scale and could not get a negative starch test, so matched the munich with 2 row and finally converted. I am trying to experiment with base malts, I...