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    For Sale Spike CF10 Single-Port Lids

    I upgraded the lids of my two spike CF10s to the 3 port versions so now I have 2 of the original lids. Figured I would offer them up here to see if anybody is interested in them - maybe you have a damaged CF10 lid or want to use it for a project. The new 3 port lids are $110. I would be looking...
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    Wanted WTB: 2x CF10 Extended bracing shelves

    Looking to buy 2x CF10 extended bracing shelves. I came into some leg extension kits + casters but only have the old / smaller bracing shelves and am worried about things tipping over when movement. Figured I would ask here to see if anyone is sitting on one or two and wants to get rid of them...
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    Massachusetts DIY Uni-Strut/Super-Strut Single Tier 3 vessel brew stand (Stainless Rails, KAB4 Burner)

    Hey all, I'm moving closer to Boston and losing my garage/outdoor brewing space so I am looking to get rid of my custom single burner, uni-strut brew stand. Tought for me to sell it but I just don't have room for it. I used this as a basis for my single-burner 3-vessel 20g propane setup w/ a...
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    WTB - 3/8-1/2HP glycol chiller (New England/MA)

    Looking to buy a glycol chiller for a reasonable price somewhere in New England / Massachusetts. Let me know if you're looking to get rid of one and we can try to work something out. Also potentially intereted in a 10g-15g unitank if someone has that also.
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    WTB: SS brewtech 10g Brite tank

    Interested in acquiring a 10g Brite tank to use in the old homes brewery. Located in Central MA, able to travel reasonable distances or pay for reasonable shipping costs.
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    Can Seamer (Oktober, All-American)

    Looking to get into canning and hoping to find a used can seamer. Let me know if you have something you're looking to get rid of and we can try to work something out!
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    WTB HotRod Heat stick

    Looking to buy a hotrod heat stick - anyone looking to get rid of theirs?
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    Massachusetts 10 gallon ball lock corny keg

    Looking to sell one of my 10 gallon ball-lock corny kegs. Turns out that I don't need 3 and I need more room. No rust, holds pressure, etc... Little bit quirky as the dip tube is a little short (works perfectly for fermenting / leaving behind trub), and the ball lock fittings are compression...
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    Help me troubleshoot - Recirculation, low efficiency, "batch" sparging

    Hey guys, I recently (3 batches ago) upgraded to a new system and have been having a few variable issues with recirculation, efficiency, and other techniques I was hoping the collective expertise of the internet could help me troubleshoot. Before we get started, this is my system: 20g...
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    Frost-Free Freezer: Use compressor for cooling, defrost heater for heat?

    I have two ~14 cubic foot Frigidaire upright frost-free freezers that I want to turn into fermentation chambers. Cooling is obviously in their wheelhouse, but I was reading and it turns out that part of being frost-free is the incorporation of a couple hundred watt heater by the cooling coils to...
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    120V RIMS turned 240V eBIAB - Feasible?

    Hey all! I currently have a 10 gallon BIAB propane-fired setup (20 gallon pot, 4 1.5" TC fittings, stainless basket, center-inlet chugger pump) but haven't been super satisfied with the mash temp control, even with insulation/etc. Consequently, I have been tossing the idea around of some...
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    Massachusetts Dual-body primary regulator (Kegco+Chudnow)

    Looking to sell my dual output/dual pressure primary regulator since I just moved up to a 4-way secondary regulatory. Primary body is kegco and the add-a-body is Chudnow. Kegco has barbed output and Chudnow has a 1/4" flare output. Works great, just moved on to something else and I'm looking to...
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    Help with my water report (how to hit desired profile)

    Hey guys, it is yet another thread asking for some assistance with my water report. I recently got my town's water department to conduct a new "secondary contaminant" report and give me the results. I have done my best to summarize them below and have also attached the full report. Iron: ND...
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    Higher precision temperature controller?

    I recently made the switch to using a thermowell with my wine-fridge fermentation chamber and have noticed large swings in temperature due to the slower response of the probe in the thermowell compared to being strapped to the outside of the fermenter. Currently I use an ITC-308 which lets you...
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    Slim 1/4BB Keg fermenter conversion

    Hey all, I just wanted to lay down the basics of a project I am undertaking and hopefully solicit some help/advice. After seeing some of the cool fermenters/etc that are out there, I got it into my head that I wanted a pair of stainless fermenters for 5 gallon batches. Rather than buying...
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    Small white growth? On the side of flask of saved yeast

    I have a vial of yeast that I saved from an overbuilt starter and was looking at it today and noticed a small white speck on the side exposed to the air (above were the wort is covering). Is this something I should be concerned about? Additionally, I noticed that the yeast layer on the bottom...
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    Sanitary welding in central MA

    Even though people weren't interested in hopping on the slim 1/4bbl fermenter train, I went ahead and bought a pair. I am now looking to get a 4" TC ferrule welded on to the bottom of them to make a pseudo conical. I was wondering if anybody has any suggestions for who to contact in order to get...
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    Interest in group-buy of 7.75gal sanke kegs as fermenters?

    I am thinking of getting a few slim 1/4bbl kegs for myself to use as stainless primary fermenters (basically a halfway point between plastic/glass carboys and full stainless conical) and was wondering if there was any interest in getting a group buy together to maybe get a bulk discount and save...
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    Slim 1/4 bbl Sanke keg

    Looking for ~2 slim 1/4bbl sanke kegs in almost any condition (minus any rust inside) for use as fermentors. I managed to source ~10 1/6bbl and 1/2bbl locally but can't find any 1/4bbl.
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    Suggestions for removing stuck keg post

    I recently bought a few used pin-lock kegs previously used for soda and was trying to remove the keg post to give it a good cleaning/replace any parts that are showing signs of wear, but I have run into a problem... I was able to remove the gas post from the first keg with a bit of huffing...