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    Blichmann Riptide overheating?

    I use 2 Blichmann pumps with my HERMS setup. During the boil, i use one to re-circulate the wort. The last few brews the pump has begun to fail about 30 minutes in to the boil. The pump will make some very loud noises, and then stop spinning altogether. This last time I turned the pump off...
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    El Dorado hops - I get the candy

    Just sampling a brew I came up with... 13lb 2 row 2 lb maris otter 1 lb Carapils 1 oz 60 min El D 1 oz 30 min El D 2 oz whirlpool El D 2 oz dry hop 6 gallons there about- 1.069 OG Currently 1.032 on the refracto (so 1.01 or 1.004 range) Safale 05 yeast My El D's were something like 16 alpha...
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    Wyeast 3864 (Canadian/Belgian Ale Yeast) Imperial Stout?

    I was at a brewery the other day and they had a banana flavored imperial stout. It was pretty good... didn't love it but was definitely something different. It did get my wheels turning. I have a couple jars of 3864 and I am thinking how this might work. Anyone make an imperial stout with...
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    DIY Glycol chiller, question on heat exhange

    I am making a DIY chiller with a window unit and cooler. I was looking at the AC coil and thinking about the fins. Seems like they may not be necessary due to the heat exchange is occurring in a liquid state (glycol/water mix) and not with air. So the increased surface area that the fins take...
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    Quick disconnect fittings

    Ok, I'm a dummy. I can't figure out where I bought these quick disconnects so many years ago! I want to make an extra hose but i can't find a receipt or anything for this type. I know they didn't come from northern brewer... possibly brewhardware... but the ones on the website look different...
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    no sign from 3 of my 4 rhizomes

    Hey everyone, I planted 4 rhizomes (2 centennial, 2 cascade) April 26th that I bought from a big online homebrew retailer. I live near Charlotte NC, and we have had a ton of rain since then. So far I have only one rhizome that has sprouted anything, a shoot about 4 inches tall this morning...
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    Fermentation question

    Hello, My GF and I made a Winexpert Malbec last Sunday. We have been making beer for years, but this is our first wine. This kit included grape skins. Per the instructions, it said wait until gravity reaches 1.01 before transferring to the secondary stage, which is where you get rid of the...
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    Should I worry about old beer in Keg making off flavors?

    I have a Belgian blonde that has 1/3 left of a keg I have. I kegged it in June of 2011. It has remained below 38 degrees since then. I am going to pour out or bottle the remaining bit because as you can guess, I wont finish it any time soon. I plan on soaking the keg and cleaning the line...
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    Hop aroma fading

    Hey everyone! I recently brewed a black IPA with substantial dry hop of centennial hops. I used about 1 oz, for about 10 days at fermentation temps. I then kegged the beer and after carbonation the beer was unbelievable! Now, about 6 weeks later, the aroma is all gone and the black IPA...
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    Help me choose my all grain- from [almost] the ground up!

    Hey everyone! Brief introduction- My name is Alex, I have been brewing for 5 years now... time flies! I am an extract brewer, but I am ready to make the jump to all-grain and I am starting to plan out my equipment. One day I hope to build a fully automated system, but realizing I have very...
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    Beer can shelf

    Well, Ive completed a shelf to store old beer cans. Found a bunch of cans on ebay for cheap and built this shelf with help from my dad. Cans arranged in no particular order. :mug:
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    Safale US-05 trub or yeast?

    Is trub or yeast? Its been chilling about 2 days now. Came right out of the primary and it looks like trub but I dont know. :confused:
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    First ever keg pull

    And it looks fantastic! Probably too much head, but im not sure if there is such a thing. I kegged it yesterday, forced carbed it, and managed to wait all of 24 hours before seeing what it looks like. :tank::tank: Its an irish stout, although I think its a touch too chocolatey. Cant...
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    Substitute Pacman for Safale US-05 Ale Yeast?

    I have some Pacman yeast in the fridge and I am about to do a recipe that calls for Safale US-05 Ale Yeast. Its for a Bavarian bock beer, with a 1.06+ OG. What do you all think? Thanks! :mug:
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    Please help me figure out dry hopping for my IIPA

    So here is my simple IIPA recipe that I put together: 12lb Northern Brewer Gold LME 1lb Simpsons Golden Promise - crushed and steeped boil 60 mins 3.0 Columbus boil 60 mins 1.0 Cascade boil 30 mins 2.0 Cascade boil 15 mins 0.25 Cascade boil 15 mins 0.5 Amarillo boil 5 mins...
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    Looking to trade hops in Charlotte NC area

    I have some Cascade, Columbus, and Amarillo hops I am looking to trade. They are vacuum sealed and packed in 2-4 oz bags. Let me know if you are interested in trading for whatever you have. :mug:
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    Help! Wort Chiller failed!

    My wort chiller has sprung a leak and failed and I dont know what to do. I dont have any ice in the house except the little that is in the maker. Right now I have the wort in the freezer, but it doesn't seem to be dropping temp much. I think it will be fine in the freezer to cool slowly...
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    I have a 1lb bag of juniper berries I am dying to use

    Does anyone have a good recipe? I searched using the search to no avail. My main question is do I boil them, or should I add them to the secondary? If I put them in the secondary should I boil them first to sanitize them? What about cracking them open, thats another good question. Is 1lb...