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    For Sale Glass Carboys-Northern Virginia

    Hey all and fellow home brewers. I have three glass carboys for sale. (2x 6 gallon and one 5 gallon) They’ve treated me well, but I’m upgrading my beer brewing equipment. Looking to offload these to someone that would use them. Will include the drying stands, and each one has a temperature...
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    Rosemary Ale

    Good Morning Community, about four years ago I visited a northern Virginia farm brewery that had opened, The Farm Brewery at Broad Run. They had a rosemary beer that my fiancé loved. Sadly their Head brewer left and they no longer do it. Has anyone here brewers a rosemary ale? I remember it...
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    Grainfather Conical Transfer

    Hello everyone! I recently became the proud father (owner) of a Grainfather Conical Fermentor. Love my first use so far. However, when brewing the other day I started thinking about a less laborious way of transferring my sort from the brew kettle to the fermentor that requires less lifting and...
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    Low FG after primary fermentation

    Morning Brew friends, Apologies if this has been beat to death before. I recently began crushing my own grain prior to brewing. The last two batches came low in the FG after primary fermentation. This last one, pre-boil was almost spot on...for my SG. It was a 60 min boil with my OG supposed...
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    Bottle Carbing, new ideas?

    Hello all! It's been a while since my last brew....about a year and a half due to work, life, etc. Anyways, getting ready to brew a simple IPA in the coming days. Anyways...point of this post. I only have the room/set up for bottling my beer. The couple beers I've brewed while tasting alright...
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    Fly sparge temp at grains

    Back to all grain brewing today. Decided to try fly sparging for the first time. Now, today was in the mid-to-upper 40's outside. I mashed in and held that temp at 152. No mash out. My sparge water in my HLT was 172, as I fly sparged though i was reading 160-ish hitting the grains...
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    Grain too old?

    I've recently gotten back into all grain brewing after two years due to moving, money, life, etc. Anyways, about 2ish years ago I ended up buying too much grain for a beer and vacuumed sealed it with a food saver. Here's the bill: 1 lb flaked oats 1 lb flaked barley 6 lbs German pilsner 1 lb...
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    Help crafting a recipe

    Good Evening! I'm looking to brew another all-grain batch soon and want to use up what grains I have left. All opened packs were vacuum sealed and some others haven't been open yet. In the past I've been using straight recipes from websites or beersmith but want to craft a beer using what I...
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    Smashing Pumpkin Ale

    Hey All Looking for a little input here if I can. This will be my first attempt at a partial mash. I'm going to brew the Northern Brewer Smashing Pumpkin Ale tomorrow. I'm going to add additional 6-row, 2 cans of pumpkin (roasted in the oven for 30 min to caramelize) and I want to do a...
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    To re-pitch or not to re-pitch, that is the question

    Hey all! Long time reader, first time poster. I have two extract batches under my belt that bother turned out great. This one that I'm brewing now is a Norther Brewer Irish Red. I brewed on Sunday and four days later I have yet to see any active fermentation weather that be in the airlock...