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  1. Osedax

    My Brew Day (Complete with Disaster)

    I have had a few questions as to how I do my brew days. So, I thought I would post it up for everyone to see. This is just an overview of my day and is not intended to say this is the best way above others. This is just how I do it and I get great results. Let's start! :ban: My brew "day"...
  2. Osedax

    New BJCP Style Guidelines add GF

    If anyone is unaware, the BJCP recently released new style guidelines. That's right, the first time in 7 years! They have added a new category. Category 31 Alternative Fermentables Beer. It isn't purely for gluten free but, it is heavily influenced for it. All of the commercial examples are...
  3. Osedax

    GF Coffee Sweet Stout - Kaldi's Heresey

    At the request of a fellow brewer, here is my favorite stout recipe. I have been working on this for about 3 years now. We just took this to a local homebrew competition and managed 2nd place out of 43. I also talked to one of the judges afterword. He told me that we came very close to taking...
  4. Osedax

    Hop Blocked CDA

    This is part recipe share and part pimping out Grouse co. :D For anyone that doesn't know, Grouse co is a gluten free malting company. They have a great product in my opinion. I recently brewed an Imperial Black IPA. I think it is a solid beer. Although, it's not quite mature yet. Almost 2...
  5. Osedax

    Mineral Poor, High Alkaline Water

    Water profiles have been covered a lot. However, I haven't found a report with my problem yet. I have been reading a lot on water chemistry lately. The book "Water" is fantastic! I believe I can manipulate my water into around 75% of beer styles but, I'm not quite sure. Like the title says: I...
  6. Osedax

    My House IPA

    Recently I won a local homebrew competition with this IPA. Yes, entered against barley based beers. This recipe won its category and took best in show. I was pretty stoked on the win. I have the "award" glasses somewhere... Anyway, just thought I would share. Let me know what you guys think. The...
  7. Osedax

    Bring on the Spring!

    It is finally warm enough where I live to brew. I want something kind of summery and very drinkable. This is the recipe I came up with. I will be brewing it this weekend. Grain Bill: 7# Red Millet 2L 3# Buckwheat 3L 2# White Quinoa 2L 2# Flaked Corn .8L 1# Crystal Quinoa 20L (homemade)...
  8. Osedax

    Quinoa Pale Ale

    First off, hi everybody! First time posting. I have been following this forum for awhile now but, now I wanna get involved. Great forum with great tips. I've used most of the info here to help create my recipes. I have been brewing all grain gluten free for a little bit now (still new to it)...