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  1. Drewch

    Oxebar Keg?

    Anyone have experience with these?
  2. Drewch

    How important is it to punch down fruit?

    I just added fruit to my batch of lambic-inspired mixed-ferm (Bootleg's Sour Solera blend) ale --- how important is it to punch down the fruit? I'm concerned that reopening the fermenter will just increase oxygen and exposure.
  3. Drewch

    Our first successful kombucha

    Just had to share: our first successful kombucha. Green tea base, table sugar, then bottled with strawberry and basil.
  4. Drewch

    Ropey root beer

    Hey all, So I'm trying to do my first lacto-fermented root beer, and I was wondering if anyone had had their soda turn ropey? I'm doing a take on the process on Wildcrafted Brewer. I made a strong tea, in effect, and used the whey from organic yogurt. I was trying to ferment directly in...
  5. Drewch

    I know writers don't always pick their headlines, but...

    From my newsfeed. 😶🤦‍♂️
  6. Drewch

    Bleach as no rinse sanitizer???

    Has anyone tried this?
  7. Drewch

    Oklahoma OK homebrew permit question

    I recently relocated to OK, and have a question about the OKLAHOMA ABLE COMMISSION REQUEST FOR PERMISSION TO MAKE CIDER/WINE/BEER. I understand I have to have the form notarized and then mail it to ABLE. 3812 N Santa Fe Ave., Suite 200 Oklahoma City, OK 73118 Is there a fee for the permit...
  8. Drewch

    Collective term for fermented saps?

    If “wine” can be considered a collective term for fermented alcoholic beverages whose sugars came from fruit juice*, “beer” for those coming from grain starches, and “mead” for honey, what is the collective term for fermented beverages whose sugars come from sap? What would fermented maple sap...
  9. Drewch

    Complex sugars/starch for extract recipe?

    Has anyone tried adding starches/complex sugars other than maltodextrin to extract recipes for lambic-inspired beers?
  10. Drewch

    Withdrawn Corker? (I got one, Thanks!)

    Anyone in greater Montgomery (Alabama) got an extra corker that needs a good home?
  11. Drewch

    Latest opinions/tips/tricks for BIAB with a Gigawort?

    Northern Brewer's Gigawort seems like it could be the perfect size to handle my normal BIAB batches (4 to 8 L). What's they latest thinking in the hivemind on this model? Are there any quirks to be aware of before getting one? Any tips from folks who've been using them?
  12. Drewch

    To pit or not to pit?

    I'm plotting a sour with plums ... sort of a poor man's Quetsche Tilquin. Some sources say to pit stone fruit before adding (to prevent over bittering), others say you can leave the pits in (to add a subtle woodiness). What does the HBT hivemind think?
  13. Drewch

    Is it possible to cork 500ml "champagne/Belgian" beer bottles?

    I have a decent collection of 500ml "champagne/Belgian" beer bottles. (You know, the ones like these: Bottles - 500 ml (16.9 oz) Amber Champagne/Belgian Style - Case of 12 | MoreBeer ). They normally fit 26mm crown caps, but I love the look and aesthetic impression of cork-and-cage. Is it...
  14. Drewch

    Imperial Kveiking ridiculously fast fermentation?

    I pitched Imperial Kveiking into a 1.053-OG raw ale last night. And I was getting worried because I didn't see any activity today. But I checked the gravity, and it's already dropped to about 1.016 -- within about 5 points of BrewFather's estimated FG in about 18 hours. I guess the kräusen...
  15. Drewch

    Brewing the Enneagram

    Testing how big the overlap in the Venn diagram of brewing and personality test nerds is.... Type Description Style Description 1 THE REFORMER "The Rational, Idealistic Type: Principled, Purposeful, Self-Controlled, and Perfectionistic" 5D German Pilsner The ultimate perfectionist's...
  16. Drewch

    "Lager Stout" ???

    I stumbled across a funny beer label on the internet for a "Pure Lager Stout". I've done some googling, but so far I haven't found any details about what a lager stout would be. There's a mention of the term without further description in a...
  17. Drewch

    Best base beer for sour plums

    I grabbed some sour plums at the farmer's market the other day and had the brainstorm that they could go well in summer fruit beer. I kept about a pound of them in the freezer with the idea of adding them towards the end of primary. Any ideas for a good base beer?
  18. Drewch

    Troubleshooting for head retention

    I was wondering if the hive mind could help me troubleshoot a recipe. I brewed a mild brown ale 92% pale ale malt 6% crystal 120 malt 2% black malt Lightly hopped with EKG Lallemand Nottingham yeast. I mashed on the high side (160F for 45 minutes) with an eye to keeping the ABV lower and...