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    Missouri LHBS in St Louis

    I just relocated to the St Louis area and am looking for opinions on the best LHBS. I visited Steampunk and it seems like a decent place, but without visiting every one in the area I dont have much to compare to. Seems like there are several around here.
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    Cold Crashing

    I have an IPA in the fermenter that I will be kegging at the end of the week. I have not cold crashed in the past but like the idea of having a much clearer beer. I understand just putting my fermenter in the fridge will suck in air and risk oxygen getting in which we all know is bad. I have...
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    What do you guys think of this? I am going to put 2 kegs in it right now and mount the faucets through the door. Bonus, it has a refrigerator mode so dont need to add a temp controller...
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    Second all grain batch today

    So I have been brewing for a little over a year. I finally got a mash tun built and a new brew pot so I jumped into all grain a few weeks ago. My first batch (IPA) is still in the bottles carbing but pre bottling taste was very good. My OG on my first batch was a little lower than the recipe...
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    Tasted my first beer tonight

    Last weekend I bottled my first beer. It was a hefeweizen extract kit. I know its only been in the bottle for a week, but I just couldnt wait to taste it. So I popped one in the fridge a couple of hours ago and just poured a glass. I have to say I am very happy with it. Even my wife was...
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    Second Batch tomorrow - Need Advice

    So I am bottling my first batch and want to jump right into another batch and start fermenting. I went to my local LHBS and showed him this recipe and asked if I could do this in extract. I love this beer and wanted to try and make something similar at home...
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    New Member First Batch

    I got a brewing kit for Christmas so I jumped right in and started my first batch. I got a True Brew Bavarian Hefeweizen kit that I used. I really wish I would have read on the forums a bunch before I started, but hopefully I didnt screw it up too bad. The only big thing I did that I would...