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  1. zinn

    Whoops - put spices directly in bottling bucket. Is it ruined?

    I was bottling a pumpkin stout last night and rather than making a tincture I poured two teaspoons of Penzey's pumpkin spice directly into the bottling bucket (I'm going to blame the COVID currently running through our household). I realized my mistake a few minutes later and added a tincture...
  2. zinn

    Autumn Irish - how does it look?

    I'm trying to finalize a recipe for this fall. This year, I'm trying to create a dry stout with a nice earthy, fall mouthful. Thoughts on the following recipe? English 2-row pale malt - 5 pounds Flaked barley – 2.8 pounds Roasted barley – 1 pound Carafoam – 0.5 Fuggle hops – 2.5 ounces...
  3. zinn

    Pumpkin dry stout?

    It's that time of the year to start thinking about brewing a pumpkin beer for the fall. Last year I brewed a pumpkin ale, but didn't love it. The year before I brewed a pumpkin porter and thought it was pretty good. This year I'm thinking about a pumpkin dry stout. A dark, but light-bodied...
  4. zinn

    Bottling stinks - kegerator?

    I've brewed about a dozen homebrews and bottling is my least favorite part. I'm starting to wonder if a keg or kegerator would be worth it. I'm a little confused about them though. It takes me a while to get through a homebrew, so I like storing a bunch of bottles in my basement. How long...
  5. zinn

    Cream Ale - thoughts on this recipe?

    Hey all, Any thoughts on this recipe? How does it look? Pale 2-row - 5lb White wheat - 2lb 6-row - 1.5lb Flaked corn - .5 Crystal 20l - .5 Carapils - 1lb Flaked barley - .25lb Honey malt - .75 Cascade hops - 1oz Saaz - .5oz Lotus - 1oz I plan to add some vanilla extract (before bottling)...
  6. zinn

    Is this too much spice?

    I'm bottling a Christmas porter tomorrow. I want to create a spice tea and add it to the bottling bucket. I'd like to taste the spices, but I want them to be pretty subtle (I've heard horror stories about a lot of these spices). What do you think about the amounts below? The plan would be to...
  7. zinn

    Nottingham High Performance Yeast - nothing after initial burst of activity

    This is my second attempt at all-grain brewing. I used Nottingham High Performance Yeast for my all-grain porter. I pitched it at about 68 degrees and it's sitting in a carboy at about 64 degrees. Fermentation kicked off within roughly 24 hours. Good, solid krausen. However, when I checked the...
  8. zinn

    Christmas porter - thoughts on recipe?

    I'm planning on brewing a Christmas porter. I'm hoping for a smooth beer with a subtle vanilla licorice taste. Thoughts on this recipe? American 2-row (9.5) Chocolate malt (1.25) Black patent (.250) Weyermann CARAFA Type 1...
  9. zinn

    Experience with star anise and vanilla?

    I'm trying to decide on a winter porter. I'm leaning toward using star anise and vanilla. I ordered some cracked anise and vanilla extract from Penzey's Spices. Does anyone have experience using star anise and vanilla together? Any suggestions on how much to use? I'm hoping for a smooth and...
  10. zinn

    Anchor's 2017 Christmas Ale clone

    This is sort of specific, but does anyone have an all-grain clone recipe for Anchor's 2017 Christmas Ale? Or maybe someone wants to take a crack at it? Here's the description: This year’s Christmas Ale has a strong malt profile that is enhanced with wintry spices,” said Anchor Brewmaster Scott...
  11. zinn

    Auto siphon mistake - oxygen

    I used an auto siphon to transfer the beer from the fermenter to the bottling bucket. Because I'm an idiot or sleep deprived, or both, I thought you had to keep pumping the siphon to get the beer to flow. As a result, the flow was not at all steady and there was lots of turbulence (though I kept...
  12. zinn

    Stirring spices into the bottling bucket?

    I'm making a pumpkin spice ale. Once the beer is done fermenting, I plan to siphon the beer into a bottling bucket. I will then add a spice "tea" mix (boiled spices plus vanilla extract). I plan to add a little bit at first, stir, and then taste it. If the beer needs more, I'll repeat...
  13. zinn

    Help determining final gravity

    I brewed my first batch of beer in the Anvil Foundry. I forgot to check the original gravity before transferring to the fermenter (it was 2:00am, I was tired!). I'm using SafAle US-05. It's been fermenting for 4 days now (at about 68 degrees). The bubbling in the air lock seems to have...
  14. zinn

    Carbing and spicing

    I brewed my first all grain brew (brewed it in the Anvil Foundry and it's currently fermenting in the better bottle plastic carboy). It's a pumpkin spice ale, so I want to add some spices once it's done fermenting. I'm not 100% sure how best to spice and carbonate. Here's my plan: 1. When...
  15. zinn

    Do I need to add rice hulls to BIAB?

    I'm planning on brewing a pumpkin ale. I will be adding pumpkin puree to the mash and boil. I'll be using an Anvil Foundry, so I'm going to put the bag in the malt pipe. I've heard that the puree can create some problems. Should I use rice hulls?
  16. zinn

    Adding pumpkin puree to boil - do I need to filter before primary?

    I'm making a pumpkin ale. I plan to add about 30 ounces of pumpkin puree to the mash and about 10 ounces to the boil. If I add puree to the boil, do I need to filter before transferring to the fermenter? Thanks!
  17. zinn

    Night Owl Clone (sort of) from a noob - how does this recipe look?

    I am new to the homebrew world. I'll be using an Anvil Foundry (BIAB method). I'm trying to concoct a recipe that will produce a beer similar to the Elysian Night Owl. I like to be creative (at the risk of completely destroying the beer) so I didn't simply want to copy a clone recipe. I'm hoping...
  18. zinn

    Pumpkin Ale with Kveik Yeast

    I'm planning on brewing a pumpkin beer on September 13th. I'd love to have it ready to drink by early October. It seems to me that my only option is to use a Kveik yeast. I was thinking about maybe the Sigmund Kveik or Omega. Has anyone used Kveik for a pumpkin ale and had any luck? Or, is...
  19. zinn

    Equipment list for Anvil Foundry + BIAB

    I am new to brewing. I ordered an Anvil Foundry 10.5 and plan to use the brew in a bag (BIAB) method. I want to make sure I have all the equipment I need to brew my first 5 gallon batch before the Foundry arrives. Here is the list of things I think I need so far. Can anyone tell me if I need to...
  20. zinn

    Step-by-step for using BIAB method with an Anvil Foundry

    I am relatively new to the homebrew world. I bought an Anvil Foundry 10.5 and plan to use the brew in a bag (BIAB) method. I've never used the Foundry, nor have I ever used the BIAB method. I'm wondering if someone can point me in the direction of a step-by-step video, book, or blog post that...