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  1. AK-brewgirl

    no yeast activity

    I made a Belgium brew on Sunday - pitched dry yeast at 70 degrees and I still do not have any activity. Saw one bubble yesterday but nothing seems to be happening. Any advise ? Should I just be patient. I have never had this problem before.
  2. AK-brewgirl

    What's wrong?

    I am brewing a Belgium beer and it has now been in the fermenter since Sunday night (today is Tuesday) and I am not seeing any action. I checked in the bucket and there seems to be a lot of foam on top, so it looks like it is working- should I be worried that it is not working? I pitched the...
  3. AK-brewgirl

    left over grains

    I am looking for a recipe using leftover grains- (bought to much) I have Belgian Pilsner Malt (13 oz) ans Roasted Barley (1.3 Lbs)- any ideas?
  4. AK-brewgirl

    raspberry wheat beer

    I am making raspberry wheat beer and I am using fresh fruit. So, should I boil the fresh raspberries first and then add to the secondary or just add them as is? I have seen both suggested - anybody care to comment?
  5. AK-brewgirl

    raspberry wheat beer

    Looking for a recipe for raspberry wheat beer
  6. AK-brewgirl

    Hello from AK

    New here but not to brewing. I am looking for information on where to purchase large bags of grains (55#)? Any online sources.