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  1. MilesBFree

    Dissolving bentonite hack

    I may be late to the party on this, but i found a hack to get bentonite to dissolve easily - put it in a protein shake bottle blender and shake the daylights out of it. I haven't had good luck with rhubarb wine clearing on its own so usually hit it with bentonite, but it takes like 3 rounds...
  2. MilesBFree

    Pectic enzyme needed for a base of pureed fruit?

    hi, I decided to make plum wine since the dandelions are not yet in full bloom here (which was going to be my project this weekend). I have a boxed bag of commercial plum puree (pure plums) and it is basically a fairly thin liquid, not even as thick as say an apricot nectar. I mean they...
  3. MilesBFree

    "A Lost and ‘Terrifying’ Medieval Mead" bochet recipe

    In case anyone else is tempted to try that recipe as written about by Atlas Obscura, here are some thoughts: 1. I am a little over 1 week in and did the first racking. At 3 days, you add the spices, and after another 4 days remove them and rack it. I sampled a bit of it to see what the...
  4. MilesBFree

    Chokecherry wine using dried chokecherries

    Hi all, first post so am looking forward to a lot of discussions. I have made dandelion, elderberry, and rhubarb wine and mead. Those are in varying stages from bottles to still clarifying on the carboy, but I am still a rank noob. I want to make chokecherry wine but can not find fresh...