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  1. Beenym88

    New England IPA "Northeast" style IPA

    I had the same experience
  2. Beenym88

    New England IPA "Northeast" style IPA

    Yea we’re putting out good stuff with a constantly rotating menu. I’m really excited about the the mango milkshake ipa on nitro coming up. It would definitely be worth the trip there’s lots of breweries around us too. Human robot is getting a ton of buzz for their decoction lagars.
  3. Beenym88

    New England IPA "Northeast" style IPA

    A small 3bbl called punchbuggy i Philadelphia
  4. Beenym88

    New England IPA "Northeast" style IPA

    The cosmic punch yeast is amazing at my brewery we’re only dry hopping at a pound per barrel using it and there is so much aroma and flavore
  5. Beenym88

    Crystal 60 in hoppy beers

    It really all comes down to taste IPAs can be good with just base malts but also good with other malts I’ve done it both ways. I really prefer a little malt character my favorite is a 2% addition of honey malt it just adds a little something.
  6. Beenym88

    Dry hop question

    Beer will be hazy for a short time unless you actively try to make it clear this is completely normal. Chilling will remove haze unless a person really put the effort in to make a hazy beer.
  7. Beenym88

    Blichman beer gun vs. counter pressure filler.

    I don’t know if all counter pressure fillers are the same but I hate the on I’ve used and much prefers the beer gun. The one I used is for canning and if you don’t get the perfect seal on the can when filling you just get a big can of foam never had an issue with the gun.
  8. Beenym88

    New England IPA "Northeast" style IPA

    I really like to do a small dry hop during active fermentation I think it really increases haze. Then I try to time my second dry hop so that I will be cold crashing within 2 days and getting it out of that vessel in no more than 4 days. I don’t like to let the beer sit on a large amount of hops...
  9. Beenym88

    Verdant IPA yeast best practices

    It is best to use the calculators I love verdant for NEIPA my standard paractice is above 1.070 is two full packs and always had great results it is much better to over pitch then under pitch
  10. Beenym88

    New England IPA "Northeast" style IPA

    I just wanted to ask are you experimenting with no boil hops and just whirlpool and dry hop I have found that I prefer to keep some boil hops but it seems like the brewing world is going the other way.
  11. Beenym88

    Beer rapidly changing in the keg

    I did about 5 purges this isn’t normally a problem that I have but unfortunately I noticed during the transfer that my pressure gauge on the CO2 was broken so I know I did not purge well enough I just cannot believe how fast it could change a beer.
  12. Beenym88

    Beer rapidly changing in the keg

    I kegged and carbed at hazy IPA on Sunday it came out exactly as I want and I loved the beer. It tastes just as good on Monday then after work yesterday(Tuesday) I poured myself a glass and it is absolutely not the same beer. Aroma greatly faded softness isn’t quite as good and overall taste is...
  13. Beenym88

    Brewing Saison

    You’ve never heard of diastatic contamination? It can lead to dangerous levels of carbonation.
  14. Beenym88

    Brewing Saison

    Anybody here have trouble with spreading STA1 due to saison yeast?
  15. Beenym88

    Philly Sour brew - not sour enough

    I used Philly sour once then went back to kettle souring I thought it wasn’t sour or funky enough
  16. Beenym88

    Keg Force Carbing Methods Illustrated

    It’s very dependent on your fermenter can it hold pressure?
  17. Beenym88

    What to brew? Inherited grain.

    You can really use Pilsner for the base for anything I’ve never used 6 row but I’m thing you can definitely use them both for a simple ipa
  18. Beenym88

    Robust Porter - chocolate syrup in primary, how much to use?

    I make a chocolate peanut butter stout using Hershey syrup about a point away from fermentation ending and it’s amazing. Just because it’s not the typical way of doing things doesn’t mean it doesn’t work so if you liked the chocolate syrup stick with it for a more subtle taste I use nibs but...
  19. Beenym88

    Fermentis S-04 High Attenuation

    I actually always have poor attenuation with s04 (but I still like it I use it for sweet stouts) I attribute it to only using the shake method for oxygenating the wort. At the brewery I work at s04 rips hard but doesn’t over attenuate I have seen 05 hit in the 85% range several times.
  20. Beenym88

    Favorite conical??

    That’s what I’m saying they are all expensive but I just looked at spike for 5 gallons it’s 600 to add the cooling coil is 90 plus carb stone I think it was like 75 not sure don’t remember those are two thing your going to want so I was just saying do a little research on which comes with what...