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    Would you recommend adding this peanut butter extract to my kit?

    I'm making this oatmeal stout kit, it's only one of my first beers and I haven't intentionally modified a kit yet, but I love peanut butter stouts, so I bought a bottle of Brewer's Best Peanut Butter extract and most people reccomend it as the size for a 5 gallon batch to be added at bottling...
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    Just cracked open my first home brew! Thank you guys for your advice, here's the results and what I'm working on next.

    I don't know if anyone would remember me but I was stressing about my recipe kit missing a packet of hops, (that page is outdated, it was Centennial/Amarillo for the flavoring hops, missing columbus but I alternated the other two, and then ended up dry hopping with El Dorado because of the next...
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    First brew, temperature higher than I anticipated.

    I started my my first IPA brew last night, and I (like further research has told me might be a common mistake) didn't take into account that fermentation generates some of its own heat. I have my beer sitting in the bottom of a fairly small pantry/closet, and now about 20 hours after start I...