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  1. TNAndy

    Extract-only recipes for storage.

    I'm still thinking about long-term storage of (premixed?) ingredients for an ale or two. For the sake of simplicity, I'd like to use exclusively dry malt extract(s). Let's assume I'm growing my own hops, so at least those will be fresh. I haven't solved the yeast problem yet, but let's tackle...
  2. TNAndy

    Storing Barley Malt Extract?

    Due to, ahem, various current world circumstances, I think it might be a good idea to buy barley malt extract in bulk and store it for the future. I'm looking at one website that sells BME powder in 50 pound bags. I bet there are others. If you buy in bulk and store BME for future use, what...
  3. TNAndy

    Is there a recipe database?

    I'm looking through the recipes forum and there are so many recipes, I'm overwhelmed. I feel like I could hunt for hours and not really find what I'm looking for. How would anyone ever know if the same recipe is posted twice? It would be really convenient if there were a searchable database...
  4. TNAndy

    Milk Crates 2 for $11.24 + tax

    I had been storing my Grolsch flip-top beer bottles in cardboard boxes. These boxes were falling apart and impossible to clean. I wanted a better storage solution, so I went on the hunt for milk crates. A 13" x 13" (outside dimensions) crate should hold 16 3-inch-diameter bottles. The least...
  5. TNAndy

    Hi folks!

    Thanks for allowing me to participate here. I'm a homebrewer from East Tennessee. I consider myself a novice brewer, but perhaps not a complete newbie. That being said, it's been several years since I last brewed a batch. Let's just say building and moving into a new house quickly turns into...