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    Advice on my Barley Wine Recipe

    Hello all, I am attempting my first Barley Wine and have been reading and looking at others' recipes. I cobbled this together taking interesting bits and pieces from various recipes to come up with the following: English Barley Wine 10.4% / 24.6 °P All Grain Speidel Braumeister 50L 74%...
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    Stout Tanks and kettles Brewing system

    Is anyone brewing on a Stout system? I am looking at setting up a 3 vessel system and pretty much have it narrowed down to two, Blichmann and Stout Tanks and Kettles. I wanted to go with a Spike system but they don't ship overseas and they will not even answer the most basic of questions. I can...
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    Traditional Bock Water Profile Recipe Questions

    Hi all, I am setting out to make a traditional Bock beer and I wanted to ask about a water profile. I have read several seemingly conflicting articles about water profiles for bock beer and the contradictions seem to center around Cl and Na. Here is what I put together so far. I am hoping for...
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    Equipment Advice

    Hello All, I've been brewing in buckets, using liquid extract, partial grain mash, and DME for the past couple of years. I am looking to upgrade my brewing equipment so I can take things out of the kitchen. The plan is to invest in some quality fermenters, as well. The Spike conicals look super...
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    Adjusting Recipe Questions

    Hi all, I am not sure if this is the right forum for my questions but here goes. I completed my first brew and drank almost all of it and I have a couple questions. I followed John Palmer's recipe for Cincinnati Pale Ale. I had to make a few adjustments on the ingredients: I used Brew Ferm...
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    First Brew Day

    Today marks my first adventure in to beer making. It was a very fun experience and I definitely learned a lot today. I followed John Palmer's Cincinnati Pale Ale recipe (seems to be a standard) but I used LME instead of dry. I picked up some Brew Ferm Amber LME for the wort. I steeped 225g...
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    Been Brewing Cider for Awhile

    I have not been too active on the forum over the last year or so but have been keeping busy with cider making. In the last year I have made another 8 batches and been getting steadily better and temperature control and handling. The ciders are now drinking pretty well and there is a nice...
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    New to cider brewing

    Hello all, I am new to making cider and just got my first batch going. I made a rookie mistake of adding campden and yeast at the same time. Ooops!:( but I am guessing I can re-pitch and get back on track. I will be sure to keep you posted on how my first time attempt progresses.