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  1. Scout

    A Box for your stuff?

    I dont have a lot of stuff yet, so its all in ziploc bags in a drawer.
  2. Scout

    How long can i leave it in the fermenter?

    I went to another place, it was $35 for the test, and got on the maintenance program which is $12.50 per tank per year, and I just swapped for a full tank. They keep track of serial numbers in case the tank gets stolen.
  3. Scout

    How long can i leave it in the fermenter?

    That was the idea, but they didn't have any tanks to swap. This place used to be Welder Services, then Praxair, now its Linde. Normally I swap tanks no problem.
  4. Scout

    How long can i leave it in the fermenter?

    It was in the fermenter for two weeks before I decided to get my tanks filled. I figured if I dont touch it it would be fine, but I wanted to make sure.
  5. Scout

    New (to me) refrigerator

    I've got a couple vintage fridges, one is an IH and the other is a Philco, both probably from the 50s. Both have lots of style.
  6. Scout

    How long can i leave it in the fermenter?

    I know this has been asked before, but I can't seem to find the thread. First time kegging and i bought a used keezer with two co2 bottles. I brewed 10 gallons, racked to fermenter, and took my co2 bottles to get them filled, only to find they were out of hydro. I dont know how long it will take...
  7. Scout

    What was your first beer… ever?

    I remember being about five, and my mom had some friends over (probably the neighbors) and let me have a taste of her Miller Lite. My first legal one was probably a Bud Ice.
  8. Scout

    Mishaps you are embarrassed to admit...but can here, we're all friends.

    How were they cooled? If you threw them in cold water that is likely why. BTW , you could buy some chrome pkated pinball on ebay for not much.
  9. Scout

    Mishaps you are embarrassed to admit...but can here, we're all friends.

    A few months ago I replaced some wiring in my control panel, specifically the wires from the PIDs to the SSRs. The elements got hot like they were supposed to, but this past weekend when I went to brew for the first time since I found that my mash element wouldn't shut off. I think my mash got...
  10. Scout

    How Many Gallons Brewed in 2022

    Ten gallons the other day, so 2908.3
  11. Scout

    "Saying it in your outside voice" Tips for new members/venting and/or enternainment for regular HBTers

    Something I've found, and its true on every forum, if you stick around long enough and read enough, you'll figure out who knows their **** and is worth listening to.
  12. Scout

    Control Panel with On/Off/Auto Switches

    I don't see why not use a three position switch with two normally open contacts both wired to the same contactor.
  13. Scout

    Control panel help

    It's hard to see what's actually going on in the wiring dept. You have 120v on each side of the element, now measure one side of the element to the other side. If it comes to zero volts, try the same for the SSR. I have a feeling you wired the same phase to both sides somewhere. edit...
  14. Scout

    First All Grain batch tomorrow.....wish me luck

    Good luck, ill be brewing my first AG batch Monday.
  15. Scout

    For Sale Ball/Pin Lock Kegs- NWI

    is that $125 for all? I really only want a 3 gallon, but I'd be willing to buy it all at that price, and I can pick up.
  16. Scout

    Kal Panel buildup

    I bought my stuff like you did, from someone else. He had bought it several years earlier, (2011) punched the holes but nothing else. I just had a box of parts and they were there.
  17. Scout

    Am i overthinking this?

    Thats pretty much what I've got now.
  18. Scout

    Am i overthinking this?

    I added a fan up high to blow downward, and used some elastic band to hold the probe against the side of the fermenter. Initial tests are pretty good now.
  19. Scout

    Chilling Fast vs Slow (flow rate)?

    I think you are right, if the flow is too fast it won't cool as efficiently. I have a plate chiller and set up the flow so that the wort comes out at or close to pitching temp. I think of it as cooling during the transfer to fermenter. Two birds with one stone kinda thing.
  20. Scout

    Kal Panel buildup

    I did the tape trick as I was building, so it was easier to do. I don't think i would go back and try to label it after it was built. The 5v supplies, I'm kinda cheap so I took them to work and managed to troubleshoot and repair them. The hardware store has nylon washers, so I bought several...