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  1. TeflonTom

    A Quick Question about PB2

    Hello everyone! I am currently trying to create a new recipe for a peanut butter chocolate stout (very daring and original, yes) but I have known about the use of PB2 near end boil or even fermentation. I was looking at throwing my portion in at the end of the boil, but I have a question about...
  2. TeflonTom

    Need Advice Calculating Efficiencies for My System

    Hello everyone. I've been going back and recreating some of my first recipes and I'm starting to get upset with my inconsistencies. Most of my concern is focused on the efficiency of my system; not knowing the limits or full capabilities of my system are probably affecting my results. I'm...
  3. TeflonTom

    Caffeine Content from Cacao Nibs?

    Hello everyone, I have a question about my cacao nibs. A week ago I dry-nibbed about 3.5 gallons of a Porter with 8oz. of nibs, but I took them out after 4 days of soaking. I had some people over to try it, but got asked how much caffeine would be in the beer by the influence of cacao nibs. I...
  4. TeflonTom

    Favorite Style to Drink on the Course?

    Wondering if there are any golf enthusiasts that browse and brew. What are your favorite styles or specific beers to drink while your out on 18 and prepping for hole 19?
  5. TeflonTom

    Dry Nibbing My Keg

    Hello everyone! Today I kegged my coconut porter, but I felt like it would be cool to add 8oz. of cocao nibs in a hop sock into the keg. Has anyone previously done this and if so what was your experience? I'm not really sure what I'm doing with them at this point but I thought I'd wing it and...
  6. TeflonTom

    Any Yeast Recommendations?

    Hey guys, there is a sale going on at a local homebrew supply near me that is taking requests for Omega, White Labs, Wyeast, and Imperial strains. I'm not really sure what to get and was wondering if anyone had some good recommendations. I'm pretty open to trying new styles, so I wouldn't reject...
  7. TeflonTom

    Undercarbonated or More Patience?

    Last week on Thursday I kegged 3 different beers in my Corny kegs and have force carbonated and put them back under pressure. I went the usual route of pressuring the kegs at 30PSI and rolling them for about 7-8 minutes for my Kolsch and Blonde Ale, but I decided to roll my IPA for about 16...
  8. TeflonTom

    Brew Humor

    I thought it was a good pun, but my friends just rolled their eyes. Anyone else make bad brew jokes?
  9. TeflonTom

    Water and Grain Calculation Correct?

    I've gone ahead and decided to start putting together a few experimental recipes, however I've run into something for which I seek advice! I have calculated out that for my target OG of 1.068 I need 14.6lbs of my grains for a small 6 gallon test batch. My brewing system suggests 1.25qts water/lb...
  10. TeflonTom

    Good Cherry Beer Recipes or Beers to Clone?

    I've been wondering if there are any good cherry beer recipes or beers that I could attempt to clone. So far I've only seen a lambic, but I'm hoping to find some other options. Does anyone here have some ideas that they could share please?
  11. TeflonTom

    Bottling & Kegging; Which method?

    This is my first post on the forum, but I have been getting some great advice by reading on here so far. I currently have 3 6-gallon batches of beer fermenting, but I am still not sure what method to use when it comes to packaging and carbonation. After looking around and asking some brewers, I...