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  1. Brewbuzzard

    DIY Rice Polishing Mill for Sake

    I'm looking into brewing sake and would like to build my own polishing machine. Does anyone have any information or knowledge as to the mechanics required? Thank you in advance
  2. Brewbuzzard

    Red 8mm hollow food grade plastic balls, level indicators

    I have been trying to find small hollow plastic balls to use as level indicators in my sight glasses. I finally found them but I have to order far more than I need. They are 8mm, red hollow and food grade. I would be willing to sell them for shipping and handling. I was thinking of a bag of 3 or...
  3. Brewbuzzard

    Adjustable kettle thermometer #5038 A300C X 4" ,1/2NPT 0/220FC defective

    I purchased this thermometer from my LHBS and it would not calibrate. The calibration screw would not move the dial, it just spun. I took it back and ordered another. Same defect, the calibration screw has no effect. I've taken the second one back as well and ordered one by Blickmann. It is more...
  4. Brewbuzzard

    Electric Brewery Quality??

    I built a new PID controlled gas fired brewery. I initially thought considered an all electric system but was concerned with the elements scorching my wort. I read the article in this months BYO rag and the gears started turning again. Have any of you electric brewers won awards in BJCP...