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  1. bleme

    Rhubarb soda

    Last year my mom gave me 6 rhubarb plants to add to my garden and they have taken over a 100 gallon grow bag. Today so sent me a link to a page with rhubarb recipes that included: So I am looking to turn this into a 5 gallon recipe and hoping for help. I think I will start with 3 cups of...
  2. bleme

    Junction box identification

    I was hoping this box behind my oven would be a 240v outlet. What’s the easiest way to know for sure?
  3. bleme

    Pickled Walnuts

    I ran across this today and had never heard of pickled walnuts before. Has anyone here done this?
  4. bleme

    Liar’s Club Odd Gadgets

    My BIL just bought a house and previous resident left behind some kind of tool that has me puzzled and I thought it would be fun to have a thread about odd gadgets. So what is this? Lying is perfectly acceptable.
  5. bleme

    Bud Light Seltzer

    I just saw their commercial yesterday: :drunk:
  6. bleme

    Is anyone else having their HBT redirected to This started happening yesterday, and only to my Chrome HBT tab.
  7. bleme

    Soda can tapping

    So my 9 year old was explaining to me and my mom about how she can open a can of soda now without spraying soda everywhere (LOL!): "I just tap it on top 5 times like this, and pull the tab carefully until it stops hissing. If it starts bubbling out the opening, let go for a second and try...
  8. bleme

    Aurland #38 Farmhouse “Kveik” test

    I picked up this very interesting yeast from KveikSupply on Etsy, even though it’s not a true Kveik yeast. It isn’t even classified as Saccharomyces. It is happiest at 78.8F and is supposed to have a pleasant fruitiness that is hard to describe. I wanted to keep it simple to showcase the...
  9. bleme

    Does anyone know what this gadget is?

    My mom picked this up at a yard sale to use as a bird perch but she is curious about it’s intended use, especially that top that looks like something might stack on it.
  10. bleme

    Frozen Jockey Box

    So I was at a beerfest last weekend, helping a distributor. We had 4 jockey boxes, 2 taps each. We hooked each of the kegs up and ran the taps for about 30 seconds to clear out all the sanitizer left in the lines. They poured pure beer for at least 10 seconds each. Just as we finished, the...
  11. bleme

    Minnesota Any Irish in Saint Cloud MN?

    I have a friend that will be in Saint Cloud for Saint Patty's Day. Anything special that he can look forward to?
  12. bleme

    Frozen keg

    So I went to get a glass of ginger soda last night and nothing came out - no air or anything. I released the pressure and peeked inside to see a huge slug shaped hunk of ice encasing the dip tube! My kegerator is a side-by-side and that side of the keg was pressed against the wall of the...
  13. bleme

    Sanitizing with salt

    Today my Mom made an off-hand remark about how when she made ice cream and dumped the left over rock salt water down the drain, it seemed to clear the drain. That got me thinking about the mold that grows in pipes and how salt has been used for centuries as a preservative. It also got me...
  14. bleme

    100% Whirlpool

    So I want to do a Baltic Porter with ALL the hops in a whirlpool: 1oz Cascade 1oz Centennial 3oz Belma This is my first time using BeerSmith 2.2, which calculates whirlpool at 194F. It tells me that this beer will be 61.5 IBU's if I whirlpool for 20 minutes. Does that seem like a valid...
  15. bleme

    My water report

    Any tips on what I should add to my water? I mostly make Stouts, Porters, Pale Ales, Amber Ales and Cream Ales. For my lighter beers, I usually start with 5 gallons of RO and top off with tap water (about 3.5 gallons). I usually just use tap water for my stouts and porters. Aluminum 0.0 ppm...
  16. bleme

    Keg rust

    A friend just picked up this keg. Is it going to flavor the beer? Is there anyway to fix it?
  17. bleme

    Have you seen this keg before?

    A friend of mine just got this keg and we don't know how to purge it. Any advice?
  18. bleme

    Phat Tyre yeast

    I am looking at making some Phat Tyre. The recipe recommends US-05 or WY 1762 (Begian Abbey II). I have US-05 on hand but I was wondering if WY 3522 (Belgian Ardennes) or T-58 (which I also have on hand) might work better. Any thoughts or experience...
  19. bleme

    Is anyone else getting too much head?

  20. bleme

    Is this boiling enough?

    I just got a new 8 gallon aluminum pot at Wal-Mart ($21) and boiled for an hour to cure it. Until now, all of my brews have been extract or partial mashes so I didn't need to do a full boil. I would like to start doing all-grain BIAB, like my partials have been. This pot almost covers 2 of my...