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    What beer/homebrew blogs/magazines do you read?

    BYO, Brulosophy, Beer an Brewing, Scott Janish, Mad Fermentationist
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    Best yeast washing procedure for harvesting lager yeast.

    I have a Pilsner that I am about to keg and would like to harvest the yeast to use at a later time. I’ve washed yeast before a long time ago but wondered if the effort was worth it. Does the fact that it’s a lager change the amount I should try to get? Any advice is appreciated. What do you all...
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    Need a tried & true West Coast IPA recipe

    Thanks for the reminder on this one. I’ve seen it before. I like the hop schedule. Have you made it before?
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    Need a tried & true West Coast IPA recipe

    That looks great. I’ll probably stick with American ale yeast this time around. I’ve tried numerous English yeast in the past. Some work out and some don’t. I go back and forth on heavy handed additions at 60 min. I never know what I should be doing. Your recipe makes me want to go back to my...
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    Need a tried & true West Coast IPA recipe

    Good tip on the RO water. I will give that a try. My water is pretty neutral with not much going on. Maybe a little on the soft side. I don’t typically use crystal malts. If I did it would by under 3%. I’ve used Munich or a little honey malt at times. Maybe a tad too much Munich at times. I...
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    Need a tried & true West Coast IPA recipe

    After 10 yrs of brewing, I am starting over with this style. Not sure why I can’t land on something I really like. Maybe I m over thinking my recipes and straying further away from the style. My main underlying issue is that some of my hoppy beers turn out too full/sweet and kind of flabby...
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    IPA hop schedule

    I like the hopping schedule here. What’s everybody using for grain bills on a West Coast IPA’s these days? I’m always messing with mine. Trying to settle on something nice. Sorry, a little off topic.
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    Baby Yoda - Hoppy Session IPL

    I think it looks great. Brew it up! I’m actually getting prepared to brew a Black IPL tomorrow. I’ve never brewed an IPL much less a dark one.
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    Rye Lager

    I was thinking the same thing for the fall season. I just kegged a rye lager a couple days ago. Now the waiting game. My grain bill was a little more complex than usual for lagers. 69% Pils 10% Vienna 11% Rye 4% Flaked Rye 2.5% Crystal Rye 90L 1 % Perla Negra 340L All Sterling hops and...
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    Has anyone tried Weyermann's German Porter recipe?

    This is what I’m talking about. Love everything about the recipe and the Czech Dark lager variation too. I was going to brew a regular porter as one of next beers but I think I might give the German Porter a try. Keep us posted on how it turns out.
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    IPA - Centennial & Amarillo - what else?

    Perogi, do you mind sharing your Centennial/Amarillo IPA recipe?
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    IPA Recipe advice needed

    Nope you mash everything together. Oats and all. My advice would be to dial back the Munich malt to maybe 5-8% of the grain bill. I’ve tried Munich many times in hop forward beers and it just gets in the way at high percentages. As for hops, Mosaic and CTZ are good. Most people on this forum...
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    American Brown Ale Brulosopher's Dark Brown Ale

    Just ran across this post as I was looking for a good brown ale recipe to make this weekend. Is there anything you would tweak on this recipe five years later now?
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    Imperial Juice yeast low attenuation?

    I think it was under a month old. I do recall looking at the date and didn’t think it was too old to use.
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    Imperial Juice yeast low attenuation?

    Here is the grain bill: 62% 2 Row 20% Pils 16% Flaked Oats 2% Crystal 15 Nothing out of the ordinary. I typically always make starters but I was following the advice of the homebrew shop guy.
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    Imperial Juice yeast low attenuation?

    So I just took a sample last night of my NE Pale to take a gravity reading. I was shocked to see that after 10 days the beer is sitting at 1.018. OG was 1.056. I was hoping for a little lower FG. Has anybody else had problems with this yeast finishing or is it just a slow mover? I went ahead...
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    American IPA Sannyasin Swill- West Coast IPA

    We need more clear IPA’s!!!! I like this recipe. My next IPA was going to be something similar to this. 2 Row, 3% Honey malt and a little wheat. What yeast would you try next time instead of American Ale strain?
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    American IPA LushJuice IPA

    I might give that a try or at the very least scaling my first addition way down. I’d like to try this recipe with a combo Citra, Simcoe and Loral. Hopefully brewing soon.
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    American IPA LushJuice IPA

    This looks like a nice beer. Have you tried it with any other hop combos? I’m not a big fan of Mosaic these days. Looks like a great recipe though. I like the idea of not adding a buttering charge until 40 min left. I need to try that.