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  1. J

    Reducing oxygen from dry hopping- add hops early or suspend above beer?

    As I've continued to experiment with NEIPAs, it's become clear to me that minimizing oxidation is key to brewing excellent examples of the style. I'm not yet at the point where I'm worried about hot side aeration, but I'm trying to do everything I can do get cold side oxygen exposure as close to...
  2. J

    Looking for feedback on a smokey dark ale

    I love smokey beers. I've brewed a couple of rauchbiers in the past few years that came out fantastically. I've also brewed stouts and porters with small quantities of smoked malt to add a little bit of extra complexity. This time, I want to split the difference and brew something that's not a...
  3. J

    Imperial B45 Gnome for an autumnal Belgian Pale Ale?

    I'm planning to brew a BPA based on this article this weekend. I'm shooting for an easy-drinking fall beer; amber in color, ~6% ABV, reasonably well balanced with some maltiness, spiciness, and fruitiness but nothing over the top. So I want a yeast that's going to give the characteristic Belgian...
  4. J

    Do I actually have to "build" anything to have a working keezer?

    After 6 years of brewing, I'm finally going to start kegging. (I know, I know.) Pretty much everyone who posts about kegging on the internet seems to have a slick kegerator or keezer setup that they invested a ton of time and/or money into. I have a different plan: I want to buy a 7cf chest...
  5. J

    Advice on recipe for extra oatmeal milk stout

    With everything going on in 2020 and now what feels like an unusually cold fall here in the Midwest, I really want to brew a big, dark, sweet, smooth, luscious beer to help keep me sane as winter approaches. I found this recipe for a high-ish gravity oatmeal milk stout from The Growler...
  6. J

    Experimenting with NA beer- should I worry about fumes?

    I've got a stout that's about ready to bottle, and I want to try to remove the alcohol from a portion of it. The plan is to try to heat it up to 175-180 F for ~30 minutes as outlined here. Yes, I know I may degrade the flavor and will definitely degrade my own experience, but I'm still going to...
  7. J

    Rack to secondary for high gravity lager- oxydation vs autolysis risks

    Conventional wisdom these days seems to be that racking beer to a secondary fermenter isn't necessary because modern yeast aren't at risk of autolysis for a very long time and so oxidation is the bigger concern. For most of my beers, I leave them in the primary vessel for 3ish weeks, cold crash...
  8. J

    Trying to figure out pitch rate from rinsed yeast- should I worry about overpitching?

    I've started rinsing yeast on a couple of recent beers and had good success. So far I've only done it for big beers and lagers, where a very high pitch rate is necessary, and my strategy has been to pitch as much as I'm able to harvest. Now I'm brewing a more average beer that I plan to ferment...
  9. J

    Lagering k-97- rack to secondary or just stick primary in the fridge?

    I've got an "altoberfest" brewing now with K-97 (German Ale yeast often used for Kolsch/Alt, similar to 1007). It's been in primary for 12 days between 60-65 F, fermentation now appears complete. The plan is to stick in the fridge tomorrow and let it lager at ~40 F for three weeks while I'm away...
  10. J

    Experienced brewer getting a bit more ambitious

    Hello, I've been brewing for a few years in a very laid back fashion, mostly making simple beers to enjoy with dinner. I've got about the most rudimentary all-grain setup imaginable, and have enjoyed making porters and pale ales every once in a while without worrying too much about the details...
  11. J

    Tiny amount of oxiclean in fermenter

    I'm not a new brewer- just new to this site- but this section seems most appropriate for "help I messed up" type posts. I believe I have added a very small quantity of oxiclean to the saison I just brewed. After transferring the wort from my kettle to my carboy I went to take a sample as...