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  1. Drumminguy81

    Brewtools b80pro steam hat on spike kettle

    Just thought I would throw this out there for anyone interested. Brewtools makes a pretty nice looking steam hat for their brew system for a steam condenser. I decided to order one to try out on my 30gal spike kettle. The model I ordered is for their b80pro and it fits absolutely perfectly...
  2. Drumminguy81

    Brewershardware tri clamp butterfly valves

    I have 3 pull handle type tri-clamp butterfly valves from brewers hardware. Two are 1" and one is 1-1/2". All for 1-1/2 triclamp compatible fittings. They are all in good condition with very little use. Asking $40 shipped each or $105 shipped for all 3. I also have 2 black knobs I will throw in...
  3. Drumminguy81

    2000 watt ulwd element l6-30 plug

    I have a 2000 watt element with a triclamp housing and a l6-30 plug. Great condition. Used about 10 batches as a rims element. All stainless. Asking $100 obo
  4. Drumminguy81

    Blichmann hoprocket

    I have decided to sell my hoprocket. I really love this thing it is such a nice piece of equipment. I just dont use it. Maybe used 4-5 times in excellent condition. I also have a 4b's tank bracket that can be used to mount it that I will include this was over $40 alone. Asking $120 shipped.
  5. Drumminguy81

    Brau supply pumps (mkII)

    I have a couple extra brau supply br19-1 pumps. 120v 5gpm pump. I love these pumps, they are basically mkII pumps but black with stainless heads. They are super quiet, only pull .2 amps when running and perform amazingly well, they are also completely enclosed so you dont have to worry about...
  6. Drumminguy81

    Brewhemoth fermenter owners

    I know this goes out to a select group but I wanted to share some of my experiences with other brewhemoth owners. I own 3 brewhemoth fermenters and love them. I also love spike brewing. Because of their hard work and development I am able to use my fermenters to their potential. Spike now makes...
  7. Drumminguy81

    Ssbrewtech 5.5 gallon kettle lauter grant

    This is kinda a feeler I have a ss brew tech 5.5 gallon kettle that I used to build a custom lauter grant for my 30gal system. I added 2 weldless triclamp adapters ($25 each) for the in and out ports and moved the thermometer port to the left side. I installed a spike thermometer ($50). I had a...
  8. Drumminguy81

    Brewhemoth Conical spike insulation jackets

    I'm not sure this is really a diy but I wanted to share. I have 3 brewhemoth 22 gallon conical fermenters and have been looking for a way to insulate them that is aesthetically pleasing. (I spent all this money for stainless fermenters I want them to look nice) I have searched all over for...
  9. Drumminguy81

    Spike brewing cf-15 neoprene cooling jacket

    Looking for a spike conical cf15 neoprene jacket to experiment with on a different fermenter.. would rather not pay full price in case it doesnt work out..
  10. Drumminguy81

    Tri-clamp spunding gas manifolds

    I have 2 gas manifolds for my fermenters they are spunding valves. Each is equipped with a pressure gauge, adjustable pressure relief valve and a ball lock fitting. These are great for natural carbonation in your fermenter as well as pressure transfers. Both welded to 1-1/2" tri clamp fittings...
  11. Drumminguy81

    Stainless ball valves butterfly valves npt and tri clamp

    I am in the process of upgrading valves on my brew rig and fermenters. I have a lot of valves for sale. The more I can sell combined the happier I will be. All of them are 1-2 years old cleaned well before and after every batch and in excellent condition. Maybe 6-10 batches total. I have; 7-...
  12. Drumminguy81

    Chugger inline poly replacement head only new

    I have a brand new never used replacement poly inline head for a chugger pump. Asking $40 shipped obo
  13. Drumminguy81

    Chugger stainless center inlet head only

    I am looking for just a replacement stainless center inlet chugger pump head.. currently have a poly inline and would prefer the center inlet.
  14. Drumminguy81

    Stainless counterflow chiller and blichmann therminator

    I have a couple chillers that I am no longer using. First a stainless counterflow chiller with 1/2" npt fittings for wort in/out and garden hose fittings for water in/out. This is a unit that William's brewing used to sell but is no longer available. Works great in good shape. I did drill out...
  15. Drumminguy81

    Wtb Stainless blichmann autosparge

    Looking for one of the newer stainless blichmann autosparge units.. PM me a price shipped if you have one..
  16. Drumminguy81

    New brewery almost complete.

    Well I just bought a new house a couple months ago in the beautiful mountains of tijeras, nm. I'm finally getting settled in and almost have my brewery up and running. One of the biggest selling points to me on the house was the HUGE 1000 sqft garage complete with plumbing for a utility sink and...
  17. Drumminguy81

    Please Tell me about my water report!

    So i got a ward labs water test for my soon to be new home, it is well water. This stuff makes my head spin a little so I'm hoping someone can give me the cut n dry how is my water quality? What do I need to do to brew with it? I currently treat my water with campden tablets and balance ph with...
  18. Drumminguy81

    New Mexico 3 Perlick 525ss faucets

    I have 3 perlick 525 ss faucets. These are the holy grail of faucets. They all work great. Fairly new o rings, but an occasional drip if keg pressure gets low. Only selling because they are extras. They might have some scuffs from use. Asking $40 each shipped or $100 for all three shipped. Obo...
  19. Drumminguy81

    New Mexico Single tier natural gas automated pilot brew system with fermenter

    3 vessel single tier automated natural gas pilot brew system 3 stainless 15.5 gallon keggles all stainless hardware 1-HLT- weldless sightglass, pickup tube, ball valve, thermometer, temperature probe, camlock quick disconnects (keg shell legally purchased from a local distributor but has...
  20. Drumminguy81

    Brewhardware tri clamp rims tube 18"

    I'm looking for just the tube all tri clamp from brewhardware. I want the 1 piece 18" version. Would buy it from him but it's out of stock.