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  1. Monmouth00

    Water Profile for Bourbon

    Hello all, Is there a water profile in Bru 'n Water that you would use for a kentucky bourbon? Theoretically, should I be aiming for something low in Calcium Carbonate? Thanks for any insights you can provide. -Monmouth00
  2. Monmouth00

    Golden Bonfire Ale - What did I make?

    Our town has an annual bonfire to burn all the collected Christmas trees. I'm part of the committee that helps to organize it. A buddy asked me to brew a beer for the volunteers to sip during cleanup after the event, and since I had just bought some ingredients, I agreed. I had initially...
  3. Monmouth00

    Moktoberfest Ester Bomb?

    Messing around with a Moktoberfest beer, and the Safale K-97 took off on me. I’m afraid I’m going to have an ester bomb on my hands. Started with 5.5# of Munich Light, 5.5# Pilsner, and 1.25# of Caramunich. Did 60’ steep at 152deg, and another 30’ at 156. Hopped with a half ounce of Hellertauer...
  4. Monmouth00

    What does it take to win a homebrew competition?

    The New Jersey State Fair Homebrew Competition is open, and while I'm not going to enter a beer, it got me wondering. What exactly does it take to win in a competition? Can anyone who has entered and won - or the some of the judges for that matter - weigh in on what exactly the beer is being...
  5. Monmouth00

    Only a "little sour" Sour Beers

    Hello All, I'm kicking around the idea of a Blood Orange Gose. I'm thinking something fizzy, refreshing, sweet, tart, and salty would be good for lounging on a warm day after the lawn is cut, and the kids are playing. I'll admit I am a little intimidated by sours. Not only the process, which...
  6. Monmouth00

    Much Better Efficiency This Time Around

    Thanks to everyone who chimed in to help with my poor efficiency numbers last time around. I had some much better results this time around. So, What did I change? As was suggested, I did the following: Shortened the hoses to and from the pump. I lost less heat through the silicone, though my...
  7. Monmouth00

    Incredibly Frustrated With Poor Efficiency

    I'm back with the same darn problem. I'm getting poor efficiency, and not hitting my targets. I'm four brews into my new eBIAB system and I cannot figure out what I'm doing wrong. Can you please help me identify the problem? Mosaic Blonde recipe looks like this: 10 Lbs. Golden Promise, 8 oz...
  8. Monmouth00

    Still Trouble with Low FG

    Hello All, My second batch on the eBIAB seemed to have gone well, but I'm still having trouble with low apparent attenuation. I did a SMaSH IPA with Maris Otter and Mosaic. I was estimated at 6.1% ABV, but when I measured it still came in low at 5.22% My post boil gravity was 1.060 (14.7...
  9. Monmouth00

    Novel Suck Back Prevention

    Seeing all the interesting ways people have tried to prevent suck back during cold crash made me think of how I could prevent oxidation. Well, I work for a company that makes airline style life vests. It turns out the 3/8” blowoff tubing I use matches the diameter of the life vest oral tube...
  10. Monmouth00

    How quickly should inkbird mat raise temps?

    I just got the inkbird 308 and the 20w heating mat through the awesome offer in the sponsor forum. I’ve plugged it all in and have set the temp at 68F. The temp probe in the thermowell is reading 65F, and the 308 indicates the heating mode is on. It’s been about an hour, and the temp hasn’t...
  11. Monmouth00

    PBW on Aluminum Kettles

    After my first brew in the new aluminum kettle, I did a full clean with PBW. Brought it to 160 degrees and let it circulate for a full hour. it seems to have knocked off my oxidation layer, because the pot looks a lot more shiny than when I started the batch. Should I re-passivate with boiling...
  12. Monmouth00

    Condensed Steps for Brew Day Measurements

    Hello All, I'm getting ready for my first brew on the new eBIAB system, and would like to get an idea of when and how I should be taking some measurements throughout the process. As I get deeper into Beersmith under the Brewing Session Data, I'd like to start recording some information, but...
  13. Monmouth00

    Another Newbie Bru 'N Water Question!

    Hello All, I'm just switching over to BIAB after being an extract guy for many, many years. I always used distilled water because I'm not in love with my tap water. I'd like to continue using distilled in my BIAB, and this thread was great for helping me get a baseline for mineral additions: A...
  14. Monmouth00

    Shoutout to everyone’s favorite LHBS

    I’m lucky to live close to a certain home brew shop that a lot of folks on this site use for online ordering. The owner posts here frequently, has his own YouTube channel, and he’s from New Jersey. I have a feeling you know who I’m talking about. Well, I have to tell you, having this guy in my...
  15. Monmouth00

    New Rig Testing - Questions

    Got my new electric BIAB rig today, and had to run some tests before I started brewing. I have some questions for you folks, and appreciate your feedback. I’ve got a 15 gallon aluminum kettle, outfitted with two 1650 watt elements. One element is plugged directly to the socket, the other is...
  16. Monmouth00

    Harvesting CO2 from Big Mouth Bubbler

    Hello all, I’ve seen other threads about harvesting CO2 from fermentation to purge a corny keg, but my question is specifically about harvesting from a Big Mouth Bubbler. Can I run a hose directly from the top of my BMB lid to the gas port of a star-san filled corny? Do I need a spunding valve...
  17. Monmouth00

    Pitted BIAB Boil Kettle- worth salvage?

    Hello Everyone, My father gifted me his 15 gallon aluminum stock pot that he used for slow cooking on his old wood burning stove. I’m about to move from extract to all grain with a BIAB setup. I’d like to use this stock pot instead of buying a new one, but it’s pretty badly pitted after having...
  18. Monmouth00

    Force Carbing - Leaks?

    Hello All, Just transferred my kolsch into the corny after about 2 weeks in the primary. I normally either carbonate my beer in the keg with priming sugar, or chill it quickly before hitting it with 30-40 Psi and rocking it for 10 or so minutes. As I don't intend to drink this one for a few...
  19. Monmouth00

    I like big Krausen, and I cannot lie

    I brewed a Brewer's Best extract Kolsch kit yesterday. As usual, I added a pound of light DME, and swapped out the crappy yeast for a Wyeast 1007 for German Ale. I don't have a question, but rather just wanted to brag about my huge krausen! I've seen some of the wheat beer yeasts take off like...
  20. Monmouth00

    Newbie Made 2 Kegging Mistakes- Bad?

    Hello Everyone, Another newbie, another screw-up. In fact, just for fun, I made two mistakes in rapid succession. Upon kegging for my second time ever, I may have injured my regulator and contaminated my beer. Good for me, right? I was force-carbonating. I put 30 psi in the keg and rolled...