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  1. Sean_SA

    Best Method To Remove Steam In My Situation

    Hi guys I am in the process of setting up a microbrewery with a 200L pot herms system and need some expert advice on how best to deal with steam from the kettle during the boil. Right now I'm looking at the option of a 1mx1m condensate hood fitted to the concrete ceiling above the pot with an...
  2. Sean_SA

    Deciding on DIY glycol chiller bath size

    Hi guys I'm in the process of building a DIY glycol chiller with a 13000 BTU portable air conditioner. I need this chiller to service 6 x 350L fermenters. Each with a 13 meter 3/8" coil As usual the bath will be a cooler box but I'm unsure of what size the cooler should be seeing as this is a...
  3. Sean_SA

    DIY Glycol Chiller - Correctly bypassing the stock thermostat

    Hi guys I am converting a 12000BTU portable AC into a glycol chiller. The AC unit I'm converting seems to be pretty identical to the unit used in this post Making a DIY 12000 BTU/hr Glycol Chiller - a BrewUnited blog entry I've successfully bent the evaporator into the right position. All I...
  4. Sean_SA

    Grounding A Brew Kettle

    Hi guys I have a question and need some advice on grounding the elements on my pots please. Firstly, I am unable to find a suitable metal enclosure/housing for the element connections. So I'll need to go with a plastic housing. That means I'll need to ground the pots outside the housing...
  5. Sean_SA

    Some control panel wiring questions - Wire sizing & grounding

    Hi guys I have some questions regarding wiring sizing and grounding my control panel correctly. I'm going to be running a 63A control panel 230v... 2 x 5500w elements running at a time. The electric brewery recommends 10 gauge wire for wiring the element components(relays, contactors, fuses)...
  6. Sean_SA

    Is the Inkbird ITC 106VH right for my system?

    Hi guys I am in the process of putting together a 200L vessel herms system. There are going to be 2 x 6kw elements each in the HLT and Boil Kettle. PID options here in South Africa are basically limited to the REX C100 so I have to resort to an order from abroad. I am well aware of Auber but a...
  7. Sean_SA

    Questions on a 200L eHerms System Heating Elements & Control Panel

    Firstly, let me apologise as I am sure this type of thread comes up often, and I am happy to be directed to a thread that will answer all my questions. So I am in the costing and planning phase for a 200L eHerms system Elements My first question is regarding the heating elements. From what I...
  8. Sean_SA

    Big Efficiency Drop When Doing A Step Mash

    Hi guys I want to establish whether perhaps a step mash is to blame with this issue I experience. I have brewed a few hefeweizens now. Every time I try to do a mash with a ferulic acid rest, my efficiency would drop drastically, from my usual 80% to 63-65%. When I did the mash without any...
  9. Sean_SA

    Fermentation chiller coil & temperature distribution issue

    Hi all Please could someone assist me with an issue regarding a chiller coil that has me stumped. I've recently purchased a glycol chiller to use for fermentation temp control. I've also purchased a chiller coil which is in the image below In this case with this 30L fermenter, the coil goes...
  10. Sean_SA

    Trouble getting a weiss right please help

    Hi guys I'm having trouble lately with getting my weiss right. The strange thing is the first two batches I ever brewed of weiss came out great but were just a little too dry. I used wb-06 for those. Those batches were 15L batches.The subsequent 2 batches after that, each 25L have not turned...
  11. Sean_SA

    Cant get a Blefa S Type Spear Out

    Hi guys Im hoping someone can help me out. I bought a used Franke Blefa 30L Euro keg with a S type spear. I cant seem to get the spear out like I can with other S type kegs. Ive tried the coin and coupler method and it doesnt release the safety latch like with other s type kegs. It...
  12. Sean_SA

    Is my beer line too short for a weiss?

    Hi guys This is my first time kegging and I have a keg of weiss pressurized at 20 PSI in a keezer at 4.5C I'd like to find out if my beerline is going to be long enough at 3 metres/10 feet. I'm using 3/16" bevlex thickwalled beer line. Am I at risk of heavy foam at this length?
  13. Sean_SA

    Carbonating a Sanke Keg

    Hi guys I'm 100% new to kegging and am in the process of gathering all the bits I need to keg my homebrew for the first time. I have a S type sanke keg and I need to establish something regarding carbonation. I want to be able to hook the keg up to co2 to carb it without having to connect...
  14. Sean_SA

    Kegging & serving stout on nitro

    Hi all I want to start kegging my stout and serving it on nitro. Would someone be able to break down exactly what I need to do to be able to do this. From the moment that you've racked the beer into the keg to the moment that it is served on tap. Thanks guys
  15. Sean_SA

    Hi from South Africa

    Hi fellow HBT forum members I'm sure this forum has experienced a wave of South African's joining in the last two months... sorry if we're overcrowding the place. I am a total beginner to brewing. Have always been keen to give it a go but was somewhat intimidate.. Fortunately the current...
  16. Sean_SA

    Am I very close to the end of the ferment?

    Hi all Great to be part of the community, I'm a first time brewer. I've long been wanting to brew my own beer but never got to it. With the current covid-19 lockdown in South Africa we have not been allowed to buy alcohol for almost 2 months now so here I am and can safely say the bug has...