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  1. JWWard03

    Ice instead of a wort chiller?

    Hi all. I use the Northern Brewer 5 gallon LME kits and have had good results in all 8 batches I've tried. I do not have a wort chiller and have no plans to invest in one. I typically put the whole brew pot in a cold cooler with circulating water and it takes 15 minutes to get down to the 70...
  2. JWWard03

    How long is too long for primary fermentation?

    Hi all. I brewed a batch of Block Party LME about a month ago and haven't gotten around to bottling yet. I used the Safe Ale 05 yeast and it was bubbling hard for 3-4 days early on in the process. It's in a plastic carboy and sealed with a valve in a 72-74 degree room. The instructions say...
  3. JWWard03

    Hot and heavy at first.....then nothing

    Hi all. I brewed a batch of Caribou Slobber by Northern Brewer the other day and it smells really good. I put the yeast in (LalBrew® Windsor British Ale Dry Yeast) and it started foaming and burping within a few hours. It was very active for 48 hours and has since stopped doing almost...
  4. JWWard03

    Priming Sugar Question

    Hi all. I bottled a really good tasting Phat Tyre from Northern Brewer a few weeks ago. The test bottle had really good carbonation after just a week, but a couple of the bottles I've had since waiting another week didn't have much at all. They weren't flat, but it wasn't as good as the test...
  5. JWWard03

    Dry Hop Question

    Hi all. The IPA kit I'm using from Northern Brewery says to dry hop in the remaining hops with 7 days of fermentation left. It also says to move to a secondary, but consensus here says that a secondary is unneeded. Do I just put the hops directly into the primary fermenter and let it work for...
  6. JWWard03

    Bottle Bombs?

    Hi all. Right now I am only using the Northern Brewer LME kits and am really liking them. I keep reading about bottle bombs and have been putting my bottles in a big Tupperware container for the first 2 weeks of bottle conditioning just in case. Has anyone experienced these bottle bombs with...
  7. JWWard03

    Ready to bottle?

    Hi all. I have a Blue Moon clone from Northern Brewer in the secondary fermenter right now. It was in the primary for 7 days and had stopped all bubbling and the yeast cake was completely at the bottom. The hydrometer reading when I transferred was 1.009 and it is still at 1.009. Is there...
  8. JWWard03

    Found a cheap plastic "carboy" option

    Hi all. While walking through SAMS yesterday, we came upon their 4 gallon water dispenser refills for $4. I'm sure it'll only give a few rounds before hitting the recycle bin, but for $4 that includes 4 gallons of filtered water and a sealable cap you can't beat it. The 3 piece airlocks I...
  9. JWWard03

    11th Day Fermentation Hydrometer Reading

    Hi all. My Northern Brewer Block Party Amber Ale is on day 11 of fermentation. The original gravity of the wort was 1.032 which was lower than the 1.042 projected on the recipe sheet and some attributed that to me not stirring or shaking up the mixture after adding 1 1/2 gallons to equal the...
  10. JWWard03

    This stuff smells really strong

    Hi all. I've got a batch of american amber ale and a week into fermentation it looks different than the Mr. Beer kit I first brewed. It has a really strong and sweet smell. I didn't want to mess with it to take another hydrometer reading. Does the pic look like you'd expect? There was more...
  11. JWWard03

    Mash vs Wort

    I've been looking at recipes for distilled spirits and see that the mash used seems to be very similar to beer wort. Can someone explain the difference? It seems like you could bottle the filtered mash after fermentation and get something fairly tasty out of it.
  12. JWWard03

    Hydrometer Help

    Hi all. I did a Block Party Amber Ale from Northern Brewer tonight and took my initial hydrometer reading. Not quite sure what I'm doing but I saw that I needed to do it before fermentation began and then after. I believe it reads 1.340 and I could use a second opinion. Where should it end up?
  13. JWWard03

    How much room for fermentation

    Hi all. I got a 5 gallon food grade bucket from Lowes for my fermentation bucket. 5 gallons of liquid puts it about an inch below the lid. How much "breathing" room does the fermentation process need above the liquid line? Can I just split into two buckets of 2 1/2 gallons each and split the...
  14. JWWard03

    8 days from bottling - Is it done fermenting?

    Hi all. I am 8 days away from bottling a Mr. Beer Golden Ale kit and it looks like the yeast has already settled after just a week in the mini-keg. I'm doing a 3 wk fermentation period before bottling. Is there still fermentation going on even though the yeast has settled at the bottom? This...