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    Hop addition Suggestions

    Hey all, So a good friend of mine bought me 1lb of each mosaic, galaxy, simcoe. In hopes to maybe use them inside a NEIPA. I got a pretty simple 5gal grain bill consisting of 2row Golden promise Carapils White wheat Flaked oats. Will prob throw some ricehulls in for ease. Using 10.5 anvil...
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    Another Pumpkin Beer ( Hello Gourd-geous)

    I know clever title, just looking for some critique before I brew this weekend. Looking for a dark brown Ale with some backbone and pumpkin Flavor. 5Gal Batch Aiming for 1.063 OG 1.011SG 25. IBUs 7.0 ABV 9lbs Pale Malt 1lb Caramel Malt 90L 1lb flaked Oats for some head retention/mouthfeel 4...
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    New to Kegging

    Hey all!! New member here but been reading alot. Got a question.... just kegged my first neipa today, have a brand new kegerator system. Purges oxygen out of my keg, siphoned the beer over and pressurized and purged multiple times. Then final time let sit at 30psi. Left with wife for a little as...