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    Pitch temperature when pressure fermenting?

    I am just mashing in on my 2nd pressure fermentation. I am doing a West Coast IPA and pitching with Imperial Dry Hop. I am going to be using a Fermzilla All Rounder with a spunding valve. Last batch I attached the spunding valve after 24 hours and set to 10 PSI. I do have the ability to...
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    Probiotic drink in Canada to use for kettle sour?

    I want to attempt a kettle sour using my Grainfather and am having a hard time finding a recommended source of lacto that is available in Canada, more specifically British Columbia. I hear Goodbelly shots a lot, but those are not available here. I have a fridge full of Danactive probiotic...
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    Mash water chemistry question

    I brew 10g batches on a system very similar to a Blichmann Brew Easy. I use 2x20G pots and do a recirculating mash, full volume, no sparge. I tried doing water adjustments for the first time yesterday and I didnt hit my pH. I was using Beersmith 3 to come up with my water and acid additions...
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    Adding a pump to my setup, need advice.

    Need some advice if anyone can chime in. My friend and I brew 10 gallon batches currently, using a fly sparge method. We use the following: Gas burner (Blichman burner) 10G HLT (Blichman kettle) 10G Mash Tun (SS Infussion) 20G Boil Kettle (SS Brew Pot) Immersion copper chiller I used to...
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    Reverse osmosis equipment advice

    I am wanting to take the next step in my brewing and start playing with water. I havent been able to get a water report from my city, and to get it tested costs more than the equipment to create RO water. I am looking at these 2...
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    Kitchen sink recipe

    I am looking to use up some stuff I have in my brew pantry, thoughts: 5.75G batch size with 5G into keg. Looking for a Pale Ale/IPA ish beer. 11 lbs ESB Pale Malt (Gambrinus) (4.0 SRM) Grain 1 84.6 % 1 lbs Caramel/Crystal Malt - 40L (40.0 SRM) Grain 2 7.7 % 8.0 oz Caramel/Crystal...
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    Grainfather app unit change

    About to do my 1st brew on a North Amaerican Grainfather. I grabbed the app since I am doing a 90min boil. The app is all in metric, and all my recipies are in imperial. Am I missing an option in the app? Can you change the units of measure?
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    Batch sparge on SS Brewtech Infussion Mash Tun?

    Had this posted over on Equipment and nothing, so thought I would try here. I just received this mash tun and was able to brew with it this weekend. It is the 10g version, and I used my Barley Crusher on default mill settings. I previously used a 10g igloo cooler with false bottom and...
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    Batch sparge on SS Brewtech Infussion Mash Tun?

    I just received this mash tun and was able to brew with it this weekend. It is the 10g version, and I used my Barley Crusher on default mill settings. I previously used a 10g igloo cooler with false bottom and batch sparge. I always vorlauf about 2.5 litres and the wort is clear with...
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    Too warm to pitch yeast?

    I am brewing an IPA this weekend, one I have brewed many times, using WLP 001. I just got a FTSs Temp Control for my Brew Bucket and am excited to use it. My immersion chiller gets my wort down to about 80-85F using ground water. My first thought was to just get it down to 85F, hook up the...
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    Washing yeast that has been dry hopped

    I just did my first liquid yeast batch that had a starter. I used a nylon bag during the boil to contain the hops. I plan on dry hopping this beer with 2oz of pellet hops. I am planning on washing and harvesting this yeast to use again. I use a 6G Better Bottle and was planning on just...
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    How to whirlpool by hand?

    I have been struggling with a really basic concept: how to whirlpool by hand? I use a 10g Boilermaker and use pellet hops in the boil. My whirlpool technique was to just whirlpool with my brew spoon (generic long white spoon that comes with kits) really fast for a minute then let settle for...
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    Need heating options for small fermentation chamber

    I picked up a wine cooler that I am converting into a fermentation chamber. It JUST fits a 6g Better Bottle. I got it for cheap and has a glass door, so nice to see inside, and for starting to monitor my fermentation temps, I figured a small test is a good place to start. I have a temp...
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    Changing to BevLex200 Thick Wall lines, length?

    I have some Home Depot 3/16" lines in my kegerator now, about 10 feet. It is a Danby Mini Fridge that holds 2 cornys. I got some BevLex200 Thick Wall beer lines to replace my current ones. I serve around 10-12 PSI @ 40F. In the current BYO issue, they say a rough guide to determine line...
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    Dry hopping, naturally carbing, and storing

    I have my kegerator filled with 2 kegs and 3x5gallon batches that are ready to be kegged. Since I now have my pipeline filled, I am going to naturally carb them since they will be sitting under my stairs, which is 68F. I want to experiment with dry hopping, so my plan was to dry hop in the...
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    Keg pours foamy when half empty

    I have a 2 tap kegerator that holds 2 cornys, with a 20lb co2 tank on the outside. When I had a keg, I chill for 24 hours, then turn the pressure up to 30 PSI for 24 hours, then dial back to 11-12 for serving. The initial results are great and for the next couple weeks at a pint or so a day...
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    6" or 12" bazooka screen?

    I currently have a 10g Igloo cooler. The round tall one. It has a 12" false bottom screen in it right now and it has been ok. I batch sparge and have read that a screen may work better. So I am game for trying. Anyone have thoughts on using a 6" vs 12" bazooka screen?
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    What can i do with these hops to this beer?

    So I made a SMaSH with Maris Otter and Centennial. Loved it. So now I want to use the Maris Otter again but try to clean up some hops and grains I have. I am planning on using: 12lbs Maris Otter 1lb Crystal 20 1lb Crystal 40 I like hoppy beers so the more the better for hops. Here is...
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    Help in diagnosing a co2 leak

    I got a 20lb co2 tank to replace a 5lb one, but I have a small leak and would like to find it before I go and hook up my new tank. I have a dual gauge regulator than runs to a 2 port manifold that branches off to 2 kegs. I have disconnected the kegs so I can isolate the leaks. Kegs and posts...
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    how to calculate dead space

    I am only a few batches into all grain brewing, so I am still dialing in my BeerSmith profiles. I just recently switched from a 5g Rubbermiad cooler with a SS braid to a 10g Rubbermaid with a 9" false bottom. How to I calculate the dead space in my 10g MLT to plug into BeerSmith?