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  1. Elmo Peach

    Hop Help Hurry

    picts of hops after hot spell
  2. Elmo Peach

    Hop Help Hurry

    Will send pics
  3. Elmo Peach

    Hop Help Hurry

    We went on vacation and when I returned my hop bines look bad. The leaves are brown some have holes in them. Two of the bines are from last year I planted 4 but only 2 survied the winter. I found a wild hop plant at my archery club and took some of the root home. I planted this away from the...
  4. Elmo Peach

    SG seems to come out always1.069

    I have been brewing with all grain for some time now. My last 3 brews have all come out the same sg. 1.069 I went on Brewfather and entered in the ingredients and Brewfather gave me a est/. SG of 1.055. I would like to brew a lighter abv but am unsure of how to gauge the abv. I know "add...
  5. Elmo Peach

    What next? First it was the viking brew with hot rocks,then Midas touched..

    Sake racked into seconday tried a bout 4 Oz very good for a drink just out of the fermentor. floral and a little fruity. no idea of the % alochol seems stong. 15% maybe.
  6. Elmo Peach

    Priming in a corny keg?

    I would like to try and carbonate my beer in the keg but don't know what to do. I read somewhere to halve the priming sugar. and wait 2 weeks. any help would be great.
  7. Elmo Peach

    INKBIRD New Product Giveaway — Wireless Home Weather Station

    Canada with 8 months of winter and 4 months of bad weather
  8. Elmo Peach

    12 hour brew day from hell!!

    Up date. The Beer from Hell is in the keg and it is very good. A bit hazey but so it goes. Two friends stopped by and raved about the beer. I am not going to try to reprodce this brew however 😂
  9. Elmo Peach

    What next? First it was the viking brew with hot rocks,then Midas touched..

    In keeping with things I have not yet tried like the time I brewed beer with hot rocks, made the honey, grape and barley drink Midas Touch, made mead and of course the pine tree soda (very good) I am now going to make sake for the first time. I have been a martial artist for many years and we...
  10. Elmo Peach

    12 hour brew day from hell!!

    I have heard about stuck mash, read about it, even watched a Youtube video about it. Now I have lived it. OMG! I bought a grain mill (Cereal Killer 2 rollers) I set it up with a chargecard and ground 12 pound of grain. I got my Brewzilla out, heated the water snd mashed in. Ah, all was...
  11. Elmo Peach

    Concoctions # 52 The Sad End

    ;) Concoction #52 was a mix of left over wort from an Irish Red ale, Some DME, and the jucie of apples found by the side of the road. (note* not "Road Apples") I kegged it and had a bout 3 gallons in the keggerator. My son in law is from Belgium he tasted it , loved it, drank it all. What a...
  12. Elmo Peach

    Still Getting Use TO Ferminting Under Pressure

    I used 1 oz E Kent goldings at 60 min and again one oz E K Goldings at 30 min. The grist was a little fine. My first time grinding my own grain. A bit of a stuck mash but worked through it. I used Kveik yeast YEAST - LALBREW VOSS KVEIK 11G. Fermented at 67 F. on day 6 the sg 1019. The...
  13. Elmo Peach

    Still Getting Use TO Ferminting Under Pressure

    My son in law who came over from Belgium helped me make anothr Scrap Ale. We took what ever malt that had not been used thios year and brewed another Scrap Ale. We did this the last time the kids came over from Europe. B&S (Bill And Sam )Scrap Ale. This year it's B&S Boxing Day Scrap Ale...
  14. Elmo Peach

    I tried my "Midas Touch" type beer today

    I opened one of my 7 bottles of the Midas Toudhish concoction today. It was very good. I made this brew with White Condord gapes, local honey and DME. I added to it hops grown in my back yard, yarrow from my hunt camp, saffron ( a gift from my daughter in Spain) and some Saaz hops. I only...
  15. Elmo Peach

    This Years Wild Turkey

    Well Sir, One can have both. I enjoy the Bufalo Trace
  16. Elmo Peach

    This Years Wild Turkey

    Of course I shot him my self. I can't aford to hire it done,
  17. Elmo Peach

    This Years Wild Turkey

    I took this years wild turkey, a big Long Beard and made some turkey sausage of of him. He was an older bird so I thought why not try sausage. I used sage,thyme and garlic as well as salt and pepper. Taste great. Now to fire up the smoker
  18. Elmo Peach

    3rd batch of mead

    First one was 25 years ago, then I made one with the honey from the first batch ie: 25 year old honey, in 2016. This one tastes like Sherry I guess it is from the aged honey very nice now my third batch made with local honey from the Meadery near by. Drudids Choice 2021.
  19. Elmo Peach

    Concoctions # 52

    It is very clean jsut a hint of apple I would do it again with a stronger beer element