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    Texas Getting out of the hobby.

    Getting out of the hobby and will be selling my herms system along with a few things I am listing now. (Houston area) 6x 5gallon ball kegs. $50 each. They all hold pressure. Not sure on shipping these, but would be exactly what it cost. (no inflating shipping costs) One of the kegs is not...
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    Must have been a vigorous fermentation

    Ok so after working out my issues and getting my Herms system in order, I wound up brewing a Düsseldorf alt beer. It appeared to be a dark amber when going into the boiling pot, but was much darker after getting into fermentor. I wound up getting 1.051 final gravity before pitching yeast. I...
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    Starter question

    Ok I attempted to brew a Heffeweisen previously and made my starter with DME. This DME is wheat extract malt. I dont have any other type DME at the present time, and will be brewing a german alt from N.B. Is the wheat DME acceptable to use to make a starter with my wyeast 1007? I understand I...
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    Fly sparging question

    How long do you typically fly sparge? I will be brewing soon, and have never fly sparged, and want to make sure I do it right.
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    Au Gratin potatoes went plop

    So I get this le crueset large au gratin dish as a gift, and couldnt wait to try it out this Thanksgiving. My Au gratin potatoes with goat cheese that I made last year were great, and everybody wanted to eat them again. We made way too much food this year, and ran out of serving room on the...
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    Autosiphon has small cracks from heat im guessing?

    I have used my autosiphon 1 time for brewing. I haven't ever set the siphon in boiling water. I have only cleaned in hot water from faucet. I noticed that it has little stress like cracks in it in some spots now. (similar to what happens when you dishwash cheap plastic.) So with this...
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    Help me decide which style chiller.

    Well first off let me state that I have a shirron plate chiller, that I am thinking of ditching. I live in Houston, where the water can be high in temp, so naturally I also took precautions to run the water side of the chiller closed loop with ice water. I jumped into brewing a while...
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    Quick question about batch sparging

    Ok so I did a partial mash brew and it was my first brew ever. :mug: I understand how to achieve the proper strike temp and volume. I am more or less confused about the 2nd sparge temp after the first runnings. How do you figure out what temp to use. I know it is called mash out, but what...
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    Few questions about my setup.

    Ok I am a brew-noob and just got done with my first beer yesterday. :mug: I have Ed-worts old 10gal polarware pot as my kettle. I am running thermo tubing off of the kettle valve to a march food pump. From there I am going into my shirron plate chiller and then I have the output hose coming...
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    AHS Partial Mash question.

    Ok decided to do the AHS partial mash heff, but had a few questions. I am going to be doing this tomorrow for my first brew, but the instructions differed from my current equipment. It came with 1 1/4 German pilsner 1/2 Carapils 1 1/4 Red wheat...
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    I am Samuel L. Jackson

    It'll get you drunk!
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    Shirron owners come in.

    Hey I am thinking that i will be using a pump with my shirron plate chiller. My question is how would you go about recycling your wort if you did not have a pump. I mean does the wort come out perfect temp, or is one cycle though the shirron enough? Also do you submerge the shirron in...
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    What size Mash tun do I need?

    I am wanting to end up with 5 gallons to ferment, and curious about getting into mashing. What is the optimum size tun for me to get? I know I can convert a cooler (5gal or 10gal). Also why would you use a smaller cooler to mash, as I have seen on here(the really little coolers for partial)...
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    Opinion on boiling pot

    I am going to get a nice polarware 40 qt pot. Does anybody know if these pots have the fittings for valve and thermo welded on, or are they drilled? (@ austin homebrew) Also is there anywhere cheaper for a false bottom? they are selling it for 80.00 which is steep
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    what method do you use for your plate chiller

    Do you gravity feed, or use a pump? I am highly considering using a pump. I think it will be easier, and help cool the beer quicker. I am not sure what temp my wort will be at while gravity feeding into the shirron, so I might need a pump to recirculate into the boil pot. What is the...
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    How much yeast to pitch?

    How do you know how much yeast to pitch? I mean is the only way to tell by knowing your starting gravity? I am making a starter, and im curious as to how much is too much. I will be using a stirplate to build the starter, and do not want fermentation to end too quickly. I have no idea what my...
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    Holy Mother Of God!

    I live in a condo on the water that is up on stilts. I am sitting here on the forum reading, when all of the sudden I hear boom.........then the loudest rumble I have ever heard ,my place starts to wobble around. I thought that my place was falling apart, or maybe a jet had crashed, yes that...
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    Immersion VS Plate chiller

    I am very close to purchasing a chiller for my setup. I am torn between getting the shirron wort plate chiller or the classic immersion coil style. I live in houston and will most likely be brewing out side in the future, so heat could be a consideration. I am buying a 40qt polar kettle...
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    I am going to dedicate my fridge but have questions

    Ok I have a fridge that im gonna use to ferment in. I figured that I can get better fermenting temp control this way, even though im not doing lagers at the moment. I know I can use a controller to control the cold temp, but what if it is too cold in my garage and I needed some kind of warm...
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    Hello all and Merry Christmas

    Well I have a feeling that I will be getting into the hobby soon, after some research. I have a growing passion for darker beers and Heffewiesen. I love projects and scientific stuff so it looks like I will do some research and talk to some of you and see how things are done. Merry Christmas...