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    San Miguel Pale Pilsen clone recipe

    Right on! Thanks! I'll have to give this a shot. I have plenty of beer to burn through so I don't mind this one hogging up my ferm chamber to lager. I've never lagered before, so how long should this one sit in the chamber?
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    San Miguel Pale Pilsen clone recipe

    Would anyone happen to know of a recipe for this beer? Ever since I got into homebrewing, my dad has been asking me when I was going to make this beer. Being Filipino, San Mig is the drink of choice. My dad always tells me stories of when he was younger and this was the only beer they...
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    What I did for beer today

    Bought a bottle of Wee Heavy, Olde Ale, and Thor's Hammer. I should have bought two of each - one to save and one to drink. Also, not today, but Thursday I finally got my co2 filled and pressurized my kegs. No leaks. I should be kegging a witbier this next week.
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    Sacramento CO2 tank refills/exchanges

    Just an update, I went to River City Fire Equipment in West Sac. My 10lb tank only cost $23.76 to fill. I think I've found my spot for CO2 refills. The best part is they have 2 really sweet dogs in their office.
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    Question for those who mash in a cooler...

    Haha wow. I can't even imagine trying to lift that much out....did his back survive? Haha It's funny you mention leaving it in the cooler because I did just that today. Brewing up a Belgian wit and when I drained the mash, I just left the bag in there. Worked like a charm. Tilting the...
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    Milk stouts, lactose, and gravity

    Sorry about the recipe, I just un-privated it. Hydrometer is calibrated. After I took the sample, I figured I'd try and use it in distilled water. 1.000 on the dot. EDIT: forgot to include my brew process. I do full volume BIAB/mash in a cooler. About 9gal of water in the cooler, dough in...
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    Milk stouts, lactose, and gravity

    A few weeks back, I brewed my peanut butter milk stout recipe. I hit 10 points above the estimated OG of 1.066 and got 1.076. It's been 2 weeks in the primary and the SG as of today is 1.037. I seem to only have hit 50% attenuation, which is much lower than my usual with starters. I'm going...
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    What I did for beer today

    First thing I did this morning after waking up was make my yeast starter because I forgot to do it last night.
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    Pipe smoking, a lost art.

    Haha yeah that'd be tough to do, glad we didn't do it that way!
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    Pipe smoking, a lost art.

    I'm sure some of you have heard of Dagner pipes. Jayson has become a friend of mine over the past year and they're on the west coast for a few weeks. They stopped by Sacramento and I had a chance to skate with him for a few hours. We've been planning this skate session for a year now...
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    So who's brewing this weekend?

    I'll be doing 5.5gal a 2nd version of a belgian wit I did previously. This one will be kegged. This one will be appropriately scaled, unlike my first go at it.
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    What thermometer do you use

    RT600C for me. I got it while it was on sale on amazon and I've been happy with it. The readings are quick enough for me. It usually reads in about 5 seconds, which is fast enough and I can't imagine spending more money just to be a few seconds faster than 5. Either way is okay. For...
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    Benefit of longer primary.

    I've got my christmas old ale sitting in the fermenter and plan to leave it in there for a total of 12 weeks. I'm around week 5 now. It was a 1.085 OG. Originally, I planned to bottle it after a few weeks and then just store it away until Christmas, but I figured one bucket is much less...
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    Sacramento Area?

    I live in Elk Grove, moreso in the Laguna area. I work downtown, but I just received a promotion and will be working in an office in Elk Grove. We should start an HBT Sacramento club!
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    Brew for Christmas Gifts?

    My Christmas beer this year is an old ale style. I'll be using 12oz bottles to have more to share around. They'll be gifts to family, most of whom are not beer drinkers at all. I wanted to brew something that can be drank right away or can be kept for a long time on a shelf (or if I catch a...
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    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Brewing up a 2nd version of my belgian wit. This time scaled properly. It'll be the first beer that goes into one of my first two kegs.
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    I go to my local grocery store and fill up two of my 6.5gal fermenting buckets with water from the Glacier water dispensers there. It's RO'd water.
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    New to Kegging questions

    Right on. Thanks fellas! So I'm good to go with how I went about it for now?
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    New to Kegging questions

    I just got my 2 keg kit last week. I'm looking to get my CO2 tank filled this weekend. Yesterday, I got to cleaning them as they still smelled like soda. Disassembled everything and soaked everything in PBW. Really did the trick. Inspected the o-rings, replaced the ones needed to be...
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    Watermelon Wheat

    I'm staying tuned in this thread. I was talkign with a friend about making a "fruity" beer and the first thing that popped in my head was a watermelon wheat beer. OP, how did the kit use watermelon?