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  1. Nava854

    Do hops degrade during a long shipping?

    Despite the current post-brexit scene, I have recently made the questionable decision of ordering hops from the UK to the EU. Unsurprisingly, the parcel is stuck at customs since Friday and I have been told it remain like this until it gets checked by a customs inspector, which won’t happen...
  2. Nava854

    Safale S-04 fermented at 20 °C (68 °F) and attenuation too high. What should I expect?

    Right now I am brewing some kind of weird session IPA from this book. The recipe is called “disproportionately hopped”, and by its name you can bet it doesn’t skimp on hops. For temperature control, we have a fridge and heater connected to an Arduino I programmed myself, but due to a mistake in...
  3. Nava854

    Advice for Kölsch-style fermentation schedule?

    At this very moment I’m fermenting my first batch of Kölsch-style beer. I’m using the WLP029 yeast. I pitched at 16C (61F) and let it ferment at that same temp. It went from 1.048 to 1.013 in 2½ days and it seems to have passed peak fermentation (krausen has collapsed and airlock does not...
  4. Nava854

    Any recommended websites for buying hops in Europe?

    Last month I bought some hops for two batches of beer from the same website. I just opened a packet of hallertau on brew day (my first brew ever BTW) and it had a disgusting French cheese smell. Probably oxidized I guess. We don’t have a LHBS in my city so we had to use it unfortunately. I also...
  5. Nava854

    How much temperature should a cheap ice cooler drop during mash?

    My father and I are just adventuring into all-grain using the BIAB method. I have an old 30L (8gal) ice cooler that I was planning to repurpose as a mash tun. I’ve been experimenting with just water to see how well it holds the heat, but it drops 4.9 degrees Celsius (~8.8 F) over 1 hour with 22L...