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  1. J

    A question to those who don't like Fuggles.

    This may sound like a very, very strange question, but do you like the taste of Cilantro?
  2. J

    Best kegerator conversion kit?

    Hey, folks. Looking for the best deal for a kegerator conversion. I've already got the fridge as well as the holes drilled-- what's next for me? A buddy told me to go 100% stainless, but what's wrong with chrome plating? Any advice will help!
  3. J

    Corking non-belgian 750 ml champagne bottles.

    So, I have this tripel that needs to get in thicker bottles to handle the carb volume, and I have 26 bottles (750 ml) worth to get in. Problem is, all my recycled bottles aren't belgian-- there are some Champagne style bottles. I have a wing capper and a floor corker-- how would you advise...
  4. J

    My new refractometer is AWESOME.

    First off, shouts out to Bobby for providing the refractometer! Cheap price and the guy works REALLY well! I was able to hit all of my target gravities last night. I switched from fly sparging to batch sparging to see if I could still maintain my 80% efficiency and guess what? I did...
  5. J

    Starter timing and yeast replication.

    I have a question about yeast starters and their stages. Their stages are like a normal beer. There's the lag time, and then fermentation. Lag time is when the yeast primarily replicate, right? How much replication goes on during fermentation? Would it be a good idea to let the...
  6. J

    Anyone ever had any experience un-sticking a ferment with rousing?

    So, I made a belgian tripel and the lesson is learned: Regardless of how big your starter, big beers need a load of oxygenation to ferment out completely. I've got this tripel that's been in primary for a month. It's sitting in the 1.030 range at the moment. OG was 1.085. 14.5 lbs of...
  7. J

    How does one know if they have enough yeast when they culture from dregs?

    Cultured some dregs from Bell's amber to make a 2-hearted 'clone' with adjustments. I did a 2-step starter, totaling about 1.8 liters of wort. OG is right around 1.070 from a base malt addition. You guys think I have enough yeast?
  8. J

    Bottling a belgian w/ a corker soon-- wax vs crowns.

    So, I have a really tasty tripel that I'm going to cellar for a few months. However, I was thinking of corking the bottle, then sealing the top in wax. Anyone have any ideas about how well this would function? Also, anyone know of any place I can get a custom wax seal stamper?
  9. J

    Help! My nook died and I can't read BCS-- brewing tomorrow!

    So, I'm going to the LHBS today after work, and it's a bit of a drive. I had the recipe for BCS' Irish Red that I was planning on buying, but since I can't view my nook, I'm in the dark. I know it's copy-written material, so could anyone suggest something that's close to the Irish Red in BCS...
  10. J

    Re-using blow-off yeast in a Star-san solution: THE RESULTS!

    So, 12 days ago, I made a single malt tripel (all base malt) with 2 lbs of light BCS. I had a vigorous fermentation, and I decided it would be wise and necessary to install blow-off equipment to my carboy. So, I made a solution of FUNCTIONAL Star-San solution. ( I use pH strips to test the...
  11. J

    Say a bug flew in to the kettle...

    So a junebug flew into my kettle after at flameout while I was tending to my plate chiller. Water in the BK was around 200*. I got the guy out asap, but the bacteria he was carrying would die in that temp, right?
  12. J

    Why are oxygen tank regulators necessary?

    So, I'm looking at websites for aeration systems, and they all seem ridiculously expensive. Airstone - 13$ Tubing - 3$? Oxygen tank - 8-10$? So why are people charging 50 bucks for these things? Are regulators that necessary/expensive?
  13. J

    If I make a yeast starter, do I have to worry so much about aerating?

    Just wondering about this whole process. It was my birthday over the weekend, and I have some LHBS gift certs to use up. Was thinking about investing in an aeration system, but I make starters. Are the importance of these processes mutually exclusive?
  14. J

    Abbaye de Saint bon-chien-- recipe ideas?

    So, I had this beer back in '08. It was the '06 vintage and I nearly wet myself. It may, in my opinion, be the best beer on the planet. I've had multiple iterations and vintages of this brew since then, sampling about 2-3 times a year. And I want to homebrew it. I know next to nothing...
  15. J

    Too much seeds of Paradise!

    About three weeks ago, I got the AHB Fantome Saison kit. I was thinking it was the Fantome Printemps, but it was really the Autome kit =(. Anyways, I used the entire little packet of paradise seed (crushed, of course), and the beer came out very, very peppery. I don't want to dump it...
  16. J

    Implementing a grain mill motor-- I have some questions.

    So, I am the proud new owner of a C&S grain mill. I was going to mill it with a hand crank because I could easily have a fabricator friend build one for me, but I went down into my basement (riddled with stuff left from the previous owner-- he was jailed and the bank foreclosed on him), and I...
  17. J

    Huge yeast cake in star-san blow-off vessel. Re-usable?

    So, I've had a really, really, really vigorous fermentation (you could use the blowoff tube as a pressure washer ffs) with some WLP 530 making a tripel. I was marveling at it when I looked into my blow-off vessel and saw a sizeable yeast cake that LOOKS alive. It's very, very white. However...
  18. J

    Worried about my saison.

    So, I made a Saison a few weeks ago, and I transferred it to secondary last night. The only reason I transferred it was to free up a primary for my upcoming Janet's Brown this week-end. Anyways, it smelled delicious during racking-- a little funky, fruity, and slightly malty. However...
  19. J

    Made a starter using WLP530 -- starter "blow off" question.

    So, with my stir plate, I have made a 1.8 liter starter of 1.050 (I know it's high, but I'm making a tripel here and I don't want lazy yeast!) wort, and I pitched it last night only to come downstairs and see a small river of starter flowing from the stir plate to a towel I keep near it in case...
  20. J

    What fruit to add to secondary to take some of the harsh edge off a saison?

    I brewed a Fantome Saison clone, and after tasting it (it hit final gravity after a week), it's really, really spicy and dry and a little hot. I assume that most of this will mellow out in time, since they really need conditioned for a few months, but I was wondering-- What fruit do you guys...