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    Strange fresh jalapeno flavor in a pilsner

    So this flavor is most pronounced on the finish of a sip. I wouldn't call it white grape, but that's an interesting concept that I'll read more about. This flavor is more like the aftertaste you get after biting into a jalapeno (without the spiciness) or green bell pepper. It does seem to be...
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    Strange fresh jalapeno flavor in a pilsner

    I brewed 10 gallons of German Pilsner recently that has the strangest off-flavor note. For the life of me, I cannot figure out what it is. The best way to describe it is like fresh jalapeno. Almost like it was added but without any kick. I'm wondering if this flavor note could be acetaldehyde or...
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    Diacetyl rest can’t achieve proper temperature

    Thanks everyone! I’m going to let it sit on the yeast for another week or two and then I’ll take another sample to smell. If it’s good I’ll start the cold crash process. Really appreciate the insight.
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    Diacetyl rest can’t achieve proper temperature

    I recently brewed a German Pilsner with a large starter of WLP830. Everything is going swimmingly fermenting at 50F. When FG reached 1.016, I turned off my glycol and started to let temperature rise for a diacetyl rest… Problem is temperature in my garage doesn’t get above 57F. I’m fermenting...
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    Pitched warm yeast starter into cold wort. Advice?

    I brewed a German Pilsner yesterday. 10 Gallons at 1.059 OG (first brew on a new rig and overboiled a tad). So my OG is higher than desirable. I made a 5L starter of WLP830. However, after decanting, the yeast cake on the bottom of my flask was really thick and stuck to the bottom. So I chilled...
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    Lager - Tastes like alcohol

    yes it balanced out after about 2 months additional lagering. I would recommend letting it sit in your keg for a while before drinking it.
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    Moving across country with my keg.

    I'm moving in a week or so, right when my double IPA will be done dry hopping. What I'm wondering is, should I move with the keg purged of oxygen, the beer flat and carb when I arrive? Or should I burst carbonate it a little before the move? My worry is that the moving around might affect...
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    Dry Hop, risk of infection?

    What about mold? I'm mostly concerned about that. It fell on my fermentation chamber floor... which had some mold grow last batch due to overflow on blow off. I used 409 cleaner to wipe it out, but it still has a grass smell to it a little. Is mold killed by abv?
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    Dry Hop, risk of infection?

    So I had a hop bag that I was using to dry hop. It happened to fall on the ground while I had it out of the carboy (it was saturated with beer). I sprayed the outside down with star san and rung it out as I tried to put it back in the beer. Is there a large risk of infection since the bag was...
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    Oxidized my beer? CO2 blasted hop bag out of carboy

    So this is a little bit of an odd situation. I transfered my Imperial IPA 8.5% to secondary but i forgot to blast the carboy with CO2 first. So since im a genius I blasted the container (without regulator) once all the beer was in there. The pressure was so great that it actually ejected one...
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    Broken Regulator? foamy and fast pours

    Hi, So I just bought a new kegerator and right now I only have a commercial keg tapped (moving to corny as soon as i can afford the upgrade). I just bought a new coupler and the beer is flowing normal out of the keg, but coming out very fast, sometimes it hiccups and 3/4 of the glass is...
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    Lager - Tastes like alcohol

    I just took a sample of a beer that I'm currently lagering at 42F. It has been at this temperature for 2 weeks. The sample came in at 1.008 gravity and you could really taste the alcohol. I took the sample from the top of the beer, is it possible that the temperature/sitting still for 2 weeks...
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    Looking To Start Kegging

    Will that hold 2 corny kegs and a 5lb tank?
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    Looking To Start Kegging

    I'm looking to start kegging very soon and would really appreciate some advice on a good set up. I'm looking to do two 5 gallons kegs, or four 5 gallon kegs. Probably the former since I think I would need a chest freezer for the latter. What is a good refrigerator? I want a dual tap on...
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    First Lager - How long do I ferment?

    I'm doing an Oktoberfest thats been fermenting for about a week now in my new fermentation chamber. OG was 1.059. How long do I leave it in primary? right now its at a perfect 50F and still bubbling the airlock. I used Wyeast Octoberfest Lager Blend 2633. Should I transfer into secondary...
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    Bottling Runoff Sweet

    I just finished bottling two 5 gallon batches. On the first, I added the sugar water into the bottling bucket and then siphoned the beer on top of it. When I was done bottling from the bucket into bottles, i tasted and took the gravity of the last remaining bit and it was really sweet at 1.020...
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    Cold Crashing and Bottling Question

    it's only a 5.5% abv IPA, on the lighter side. I had it in primary for 1 week and secondary will be 2 weeks.
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    Cold Crashing and Bottling Question

    I'm currently looking to bottle a dry hopped IPA from secondary into bottles. I'd like to cold crash it to get all the sediment to the bottom and to clear the beer. However, I also need to add priming sugar into my bottles. Would cold crashing before bottling create a flat beer due to the...
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    Very Interesting Situation - Fermentation Restarted?

    So I brewed a batch and fermented in two 6 gallon carboys. When fermentation had slowed to a bubble every 30 seconds I racked into secondary. One carboy appeared finished as the CO2 krausen had settled completely and the other looked like it was getting there but still going a little. I...
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    Transferred to Secondary - Restarted Fermentation

    Yeah, but i mean there is significant bubbling in the secondary. The layer of foam is about 1/4 inch thick and the bubbling is about once every 5 seconds. Why would it still be releasing this CO2 24 hours later? Shouldn't that have finished after an hour or two? It looks like active...