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    Maturing while carb'd and chilled?

    Quick question about beer maturing. Assume for the purpose of this question I am brewing and kegging a simple wheat beer. I understand the point of letting the beer sit after fermentation to allow the yeast time to cleanup and for the beer to mature. My question is: Once I transfer to keg...
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    Recipe calls for "aging"

    Bit of a Noob so bare with me please. Brewing a brown ale clone. Recipe states to transfer to secondary and allow "beer to condition for 1 week, and then bottle or keg. Allow to carbonate and age for 2 weeks". Few questions: 1. "Condition" for 1 week: Meaning allow yeast time to clean up...
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    Excited to be Brewing!

    Heya all! Four batches brewed to date. Recently converted to BIAB 3 Gallon. All batches have been lackluster. Learning how important Mash temp, Mash PH, water and yeast management are. Having the time of my life with this hobby. Cheers!